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Recap: Tennessee Performing Arts Center Presents Rock Of Ages

Upon settling into my seat at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center on Friday, April 19, 2013,

Rock of Ages Logo

Rock of Ages Logo (Photo Credit: http://www.tpac.org/)

I prepared myself to be transported to a different era, an era where big hair, cut off tank tops and up-to-the-brows-eye shadow were the “it” thing. An era known by all as the 80’s. The first five minutes of the show laid the foundation of what was to be expected in the coming hours- rock, hilarity, dream chasing and young love. As I watched with darting eyes and a child-like grin, I experienced a performance made up of part 80’s rock concert, part musical, part theatrical performance, and wholly awesome!

This 80’s celebratory musical presented an assortment of 80’s born tracks featured by rockers such as Journey, Styx, Pat Benatar, Poison and Whitesnake to name a few. Rock of Ages is presented by Phoenix Entertainment- Bourbon Room Rocks, LLC , Stephen B., Kane & Michael McFadden. The performance direction was recreated by Adam John Hunter and directed by Kristin Hanggi. Additionally, the choreography was recreated by Marcos Santana and the production was choreographed by Kelly Devine.

Rock of Ages Stage Production

Rock of Ages Stage Production (Photo Credit: http://rockofagesontour.com/photos.html)

With each cast member serving as a triple threat on stage, they sang, danced and acted their way into the hearts of audience members. The crowd didn’t turn down the opportunity when the cast encouraged all to sing along to the classic rock songs filling up the TPAC. This allowed for the wannabe 80’s rockers in the audience to be a part of this jammin’ production. The finale of the performance took down the house, as every audience rocker paid tribute to Journey by rising to their feet, dancing, clapping to the rhythm and singing at the top on their lungs to “Don’t stop Believing.” It’s safe to say the audience started believing they were rock stars during this outrageously party-rockin’ production!

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