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Hayley Orzech is the News & Opinion Editor for Miss A. She found her passion in writing. She grew up in Detroit, MI and though it has been through the mill, she still has faith in it. She just graduated from Northern Michigan University and believes that you have not seen snow until you’ve spent a winter in Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior. She is in love with traveling and her hope now is to see as many places as she can while pursuing her dreams. She grew up in a large Polish family, full of firefighters. If she has learned anything other than how to not set her house on fire, it is that you can never take your blessings for granted because they might be up in flames before you can blink.

She adores traveling and meeting new people from all walks of life. She reads and writes everyday in between navigating her early 20’s. She's made it her mission to spread the wealth to those who are less fortunate. We are all in this together, after all.
She has had the privilege of adventures like snowboarding down the Rocky Mountains, jumping off of a cliff into clear, beautiful Lake Superior, hearing music on the Detroit River, running down a sand dune into the Au Sable River, looking up at the Statue of Liberty, climbing up a waterfall in Jamaica, letting her fingertips graze over a shark in Key West, hiking in California, gazing at Mount Rushmore, holding onto a giant Redwood tree and so many others that she can hardly believe her luck. All she truly want out of life is to have more adventures while helping others and doing the thing she love to do most: write.

Corporate Philanthropy: Dell

You’ve heard of Beauty Inside and Out and how one person can shine bright through a world that seems to be growing dimmer every day. However, we are here to tell you that it isn’t only the famous faces who can make a difference. We have been bombarded with images of huge corporations being the bad guy lately. It seems that most media outlets would have us believe that the only thing that matters to large companies is the money and the power that comes with it, but at Miss A, we love the companies in our cities and know how they are working at making the world a better place.

(Photo Credit--www.bgcokc.org)

(Photo Credit–www.bgcokc.org)

Dell, based out of Austin, TX, is the corporation we know and love for bringing us easy to use computers and software, but you should also know that their software is nowhere near as soft as their hearts. Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell has joined forces with Microsoft to support (RED), a large non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to rid the Africa, and the world, of AIDS. When Dell joined the fight with (RED), it was decided that for every Dell product equipped with Windows Vista sold, Dell and Microsoft would donated $50 to $80 depending on which product was sold. Imagine the enormity and the impact of that commitment!

Bill Gates, Bono, Michael Dell (Photo Credit--www.cymfony.blogs.com)

Bill Gates, Bono, Michael Dell (Photo Credit–www.cymfony.blogs.com)

However, Dell is not just content with supporting just one worthy organization. Each year within the company,  the program “Volunteers of Distinction” allows the employees of Dell to nominate and choose a fellow employee or group of employees to receive grants for the charities that they work with. Last year, Dell donated $150,000 in cash to those charities and the program continues to flourish. Some charities that have benefited from the program include, GirlStart, an educational program designed to help empower young women and girls in the sciences and technology here in the United States, The North York Women’s Centre, an organization dedicated to opening doors for all women and ending discrimination in Canada, and the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, an organization dedicated to protecting children from abuse in Ireland. Of course, these are just a few since the Dell program “Volunteers of Distinction” has given help to over 100 charities worldwide since its inception.

Michael Dell (Photo Credit--www.compufeed.com)

Michael Dell (Photo Credit–www.compufeed.com)

Dell, though it appears as though out to save the entire world, is also heavily invested right in their own backyard of Austin, where the Dell Children’s Medical Center is located. Next month, the Dell Children’s Trust will host the Dell Children’s Trust Art of Giving to benefit the medical center; the event is free to attend but donations are accepted. If you would like to attend, please visit, Children’s Austin to learn more. Come back next week to find out what other corporations are making a difference in Miss A’s cities!

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