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DIY: Repurpose Spring Treasures

Monogramed Corks

Photo Credit: Pinterest Birdrockfabrications

The grueling temperatures of the cold are over and accordingly to our calendar, spring is here.  This also means, spring cleaning season has officially begun.  You may be preparing yourself to make several trips to the trash, recycle or even the goodwill store.  Start gathering a pile of your everyday home-bound objects to turn them into tiny treasures, I promise you will only invest a few hours at the most. Below are a few tips to help you get cracking:

Re-purpose corks to convert them into an incredible art piece. Collect those cork tops the next time you open a bottle of wine and convert it into a monogram. Invest in a few monograms and start stacking cork tops on top of the shape to give it more depth. Paint a few to add more interest, or you can use the colored ones with the original to bring variety.

Reuse Lysol containers as disposable garbage bag holders. Roll up all your trash bags into one and store them inside the Lysol container. Make sure to pull one of the trash bags from within the pile as a starting point for future.  Wrap old wallpaper around it to bring some color or create your own for a personalized look.

Cheese greater jewelry stand

Photo Credit: Pinterest Linda Daniels

Reuse cheese graters as jewelry stands. Spray paint one of your favorite colors or mix and match with other layers, and let it dry for several hours.   If you are lucky, find a pair of wheels to hook onto the bottom of the grater for more height and interest. Accessorize the grater with earrings and other trinkets to your liking.


Recycle light bulbs into tiny planters and watch a miracle grow. Store seeds from your fruits and veggies, add soil to the bottom of the bulb, and plant your seeds inside it. Make sure it absorbs plenty of sun and water for it to grow. Uncoil the top wire, bend it and use it as a stand for the bulb. Now, you have a planter and a trinket.

Recycle milk carton jugs and use them as stationary holders for pens and pencils. Cut a big square into the handle side of the container all the way to the bottom. Beware of sharp edges and use sandpaper if needed.  Coordinate certain lids for particular pens and pencils, or create one for all.

Milk carton pencil/pen holder

Photo Credit: Pinterest Sproutingoxygen

Reuse old t-shirts for produce bags when shopping at the grocery store. Cut the sleeves off any t-shirt, sew the ends together and make holes for handles. You now have yourself a one-of-a-kind grocery bag.

Whatever the reason, think twice before throwing something out; you may end up finding another purpose for it. Enjoy Spring cleaning as a do-it-yourself project and not a grueling chore that receives a check on your to do list. Happy cleaning!


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