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Recap: Kevin Carter’s 12th Annual Waiting for Wishes In Nashville To Benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation

Kevin Carter, Jay Demarcu and Chip Eston pose for a picture

Kevin Carter, Jay Demarcus and Chip Eston pose for a picture (Photo Credit: Kelly Fay)

Downtown Nashville was “served” a dose of excitement as a bustling crowd gathered at The Palm Restaurant to attend Kevin Carter’s 12th Annual “Waiting for Wishes” co-hosted by Kevin Carter and Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts. A wait staff uniform was rocked by a team complied of professional athletes, actors, TV personalities and country music stars all working their tails off in an effort to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee and the Kevin Carter Foundation. Chip Eston of the hit show Nashville notes prior to the evening that he is most excited to witness the unusual tasks carried out by his fellow-celebs. As long as the attendees were filling up the tip jars resting at the center of each table no task was off limits for these A-list celebrities. Anything from taking pictures with the stars, dancing on stage or fetching a drink were acceptable requests by the eaters. Emmy Award-winner John Dwyer of WKRN-TV led the evening by briefly providing introduction of all the “waiters” as the jazzed group of patrons applauded in return. After the Palm’s famous “surf and turf” dinner was gorged on and the auction was complete the first portion of the premiere event was coming to an end. The party-goers didn’t have to go home but they couldn’t stay there and good thing, because in many respects the night was just getting started.

Noah, a Make-A-Wish child posing with Tennessee Titan's Cheerleaders

Noah, a Make-A-Wish child, posing with Tennessee Titan’s Cheerleaders (Photo Credit: Kelly Fay)

The celebrity-studded workers migrated to Honky Tonk Central to mingle as an array of artists took turns rocking out on stage. The crowd didn’t have time to catch their breath as country stars belted out their best tunes. Artist like Darius Rucker and Big and Rich performed hit songs to perfection as every mouth on the third floor of Honky Tonk Central sang along. However, in the midst of the fun and excitement no one forgot the reason they were all there.

The Kevin Carter Foundation is an organization that aims to “enrich the lives of children and focus on youth and character development.” The Kevin Carter Foundation makes a donation of the proceeds raised from “Waiting for Wishes” to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Carter’s passion and love for the cause is truly amazing as he explains that his inspiration is his “motivation to be a great man, and it has nothing to do with his football career but rather being afforded the opportunity to be in a position to give back to the community.” As a Tennessee Titan, he was awarded the title of Community Man of the Year three times, but to Carter, his service to others comes naturally. He claims to still hear the words of his father saying “to whom things are given, much is expected.” These words have proven powerful as they have helped shape his life and improve the lives of others. His efforts can best be described as “true hero work” as he so eloquently expressed as he introduced Noah, a five-year old Make-A-Wish child, as the star of the evening. Noah who was all smiles lit up the room while celebrities from all avenues were able to see firsthand the importance of the cause. Forget wishing ON a star, this wonderful affair allowed all in attendance to wish WITH the stars.

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