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After teaching in the Maryland public school system for almost a decade, she left the conservative East Coast environment in Washington, DC for West Coast living. Eager for adventure, inner growth, and a new environment, she packed her car and took to the open road on her own landing in her new home - Hollywood, California. As a Connecticut Yankee at heart, she has now lived in Los Angeles for six years surrounded by the stars.

Melissa graduated from Gettysburg College with a double major in psychology and art history. Soon after, she earned a Master's Degree in education. Melissa traveled around the world on Semester at Sea, and earned a Fulbright Scholarship which enabled her to teach in England. A lust for travel and learning has fueled her globe trotting ever since. Some of her favorite destinations are Costa Rica, Thailand, Fiji, Morocco, Vietnam, Belgium, Italy, Sicily, Prague, Egypt, Australia, Greece, and Paris.

Los Angeles has won over her heart. She is constantly taking advantage of what LA LA Land has to offer - new boutiques and restaurants, finding great deals, discovering new hikes and beaches, music, and West Coast fashion.

Muddy Leek Restaurant In Culver City


Muddy Leek in Culver CIty (Photo credit: www.laeater.com)

Muddy Leek, a new spot you may have not heard about in Culver City, should be on your food radar. This spot offers some of the best cocktails I have had in this giant LA town. Carefully crafted drinks like the Italian mule (vodka, amaro meletti, lime, ginger, soda), blind lemon Jefferson (rye, lemon, bitters), and the Sr. Calarita (mescal, jalapeño, cucumber, lime) will have your taste buds delighted with something fresh and new. I like how these specialty twelve dollar cocktails are chilled with one giant ice cube.

Muddy Leek has only been opened for a few months, since December 2012.  The food is seasonal and fresh.  If you are a hearty meat lover, like most men I know, you will really appreciate the appetizer selection here. My favorite item was the chicken fried bacon, an item I had never tried before. One or two were not enough! Other happy bar-bites you must try are the leek pizza, venison corn dog, merguez “hot dog” with garlic aioli on a grilled baguette, speck and manchego (grilled cheese), and dried olive croquettes.

My experience ended with warm sugary small doughnuts.  I ate maybe four, and I have no idea what they are called, but these dough bites create a pleasurable feeling.  After reading the good and bad reviews online, it seems that Muddy Leeks is also an incredible brunch spot, where one guy raved about the pistachio mascarpone french toast. I would go just for that and they have chicken and waffles!


Chicken fried bacon at Muddy Leek in Culver City (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

The decor is somewhat minimalistic, but it is actually what I have been enjoying lately. It seems that there are so many excellent restaurants popping up all over LA, like Cooks County and Animal,  as well as those that have been around for a long time, like Gjelina and Angelini Osteria, that are just not concerned with chichi decor. What matters to people is the seasonal fresh food, and that’s what keeps them coming back for more.

Although Muddy Leeks is in a somewhat odd location, just a block or so away from the restaurants in the Helms complex (HD Buttercup), what is perfect is that, being in the Culver CIty art district, you can make this your one-stop on your list of places to go in the same night.

Muddy Leeks is not only a perfect spot for happy hour, but also a great spot to eat outside as it gets warmer. I expect that this new restaurant will continue to impress us with their new creations.


Leek Pizzetta at Muddy Leek in Culver City (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

To view their seasonal menu, click HERE. Specials are offered daily that are not on the menu.

Muddy Leek
8631 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Ph. 310-838-2281

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