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Easy Crafts, Recipes and Spring Projects For The Family

Photo Credit: RhythmoftheHome.com

Photo Credit: RhythmoftheHome.com

Spring has sprung! I really enjoy the changing of the seasons, especially when Winter turns to Spring! The flowers are blooming, the days are longer and the crisp Spring air brightens my mood. This weekend is Easter, and if your kids are anything like mine they are dying to color Easter eggs! They are also very excited about any craft we can all be involved in – some how my kids got the crafty gene.  I am not particularly crafty or artistic, but both my girls are.  Maybe it’s a kid thing?  Since I am not as creative as my kids, I am always looking for good projects to do with them that are fun and creative, but not too labor intensive.  Here are a few I have found:

Egg Dying: I love the idea of using natural ingredients to color the eggs, so when I found this link, it looked like something I could handle. Not too many supplies and easy steps. And a teaching moment for the kids, as it’s cool to see how fruits and veggies can turn into dyes and change eggs and fabrics into different colors. Although I know how easy it is to buy the container at the store and call it good, this article also includes a berry cobbler to make after with your simmered berries. It all comes around full circle.

Photo Credit:  stoplookinggetcookin.com

Photo Credit:

Party Snacks: This little snack is something I know my kids would love! These adorable bunnies, ladybugs, and chicks are made from pretzels and candy. Although it does look a bit labor intensive to add the tiny little black pearl on each ladybug, it would be fun to bring to a Spring potluck or class party. Another option is to use the larger twist pretzels, giving you more room to work with or if you are not up for the challenge, and have the kids do them. They may not turn out exactly how the photo looks, but  the kids will have fun trying to recreate them!  Again, as I mentioned above I am not super crafty and I like projects that are easy, so any way I can make it a little easier, I will!


(Photo Credit: WindowBoxStore.com)

In the Garden: My kids also love to get messy and dig in the dirt. Another project that we are planning on doing this Spring is updating our old flower boxes into adorable treasures. Inspired by a friend in my neighborhood and a class project at our school auction. I plan on painting the old flower boxes, then having the girls get colorful paint on their hands and apply it onto the box, sort of like this. To make it even cuter, add a green stem to the bottom of each hand, like flowers. Then we will fill these up with wild flowers so we can have flowers to cut and enjoy in our home all season long.

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