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Sense and Sensibility The Musical At Denver’s The Stage Theater And Interview With Nick Verina

Playing Edward Ferrars in Sense and Sensibility The Musical, Nick Verina is a poised young actor with an ardor for acting. In an exclusive interview, Miss A received the opportunity to introduce this talented actor to our Denver readers.

Nick Verina, Lora Lee Gayer, Christian Delcroix and Kirsten Scott (photo credit: Joseph Marzullo)

Nick Verina, Lora Lee Gayer, Christian Delcroix and Kirsten Scott (photo credit: Joseph Marzullo)

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: I’m originally from Ohio. Niles, Ohio. I started getting into acting when I was twelve years old. I joined a community theatre then went to Wright State University for acting. After I graduated, I moved to New York and now I live in New Jersey.

Q: Where do you draw your inspirations?

A: It would have to be my wife. I’m also inspired by the stories told in plays because of the different techniques an actor can learn. The entire medium of acting whether its a play, TV or movie inspires me.

Q: In the past, what have been your most memorable roles?

A: I played young Beb in Follies and it was very memorable. The people involved were incredible and I worked with well-known actors such as Bernadette Peters. I learned so much from everyone. The play started in Washington D.C. and traveled to different cities to perform – the whole experience of a traveling play is amazing.

Q: Where were you when you heard you were going to be involved with Sense and Sensibility?

A: I was on the streets in New Jersey .

Q: How did you prepare for this role?

A: I read the book and watched the movie. I am familiar with plays set in the 1800’s as well since I studied them during my time in college.

Q: Do you relate to the character?

A: Edward is an introverted character, which depending on the situation, I can sometimes be.  But, the difference is the era he’s living in. The period of the show places restrictions on him.  He feels bound by his family to lead a life he has no desire to lead, he’s in a relationship that he has no passion for, and he finds himself bound by honor and obligation in a very unfortunate way.

Q: Are there any challenging aspects to your character?

A: There are always challenges when working on a new piece and developing a character.  Again, the period of the show holds great weight when approaching Edward.  I have to find that balance of control and the sense of propriety people had during that time. But, one of the most important aspects to any character is their relationships with others; how they feel about them, how they treat them, and how they act when they’re around them.

Q: What are some of your favorite scenes from the play?


The Cast of GREASE: Will Blum, Brian Crum, David Ruffin, Eric Schneider and Nick Verina

A: When Elinor leaves. The way Edward and Elinor say goodbye and a gift exchange takes place is absolutely beautiful. The song and speech combined adds to the beauty as well.

Q: Is it difficult to go from singing to speaking and back to singing?

A: Not when it’s as well written as this piece. The first song between Elinor and I, “If I Could” switches between the two constantly.  I think it’s a beautifully written song, which flows seamlessly in and out of dialogue. It’s one of my favorite to perform.

Q: What’s the best part of being an actor?

A: There are plenty of them! Working with people and the relationships I’ve built in the past; the experience; being able to travel with a play and of course being able to perform to a live audience. I’ve gained plenty of mentors in the past and the acting community is very helpful especially in New York. We may be small but we all help each other out.

Q: Any advice you can give to aspiring actors?

A: Perseverance and staying positive is very important. You’ve got to move forward no matter what happens. One great advice that has helped me is exploring different creative outlets because it allows you to not be in your head. I enjoy writing, reading and taking classes – improv classes are always the best creative outlets because you always have to be on your feet and helps the creativity flow.

Q: Are there any interesting stories you can share about your cast members?

A: None of the cast members are from Denver so we’re still getting to know each other but everyone is very nice in fact, we all went bowling the other night at Lucky Strike. This is also a new play so we’re still changing lines and songs but it’s a wonderful experience. The process of being in new plays is quite fun!

A world premiere, Sense and Sensibility The Musical opens on April 5th at The Stage Theater, and, as one of the most anticipated play of the season, tickets are selling fast! So hurry and come relive the classic love story on stage.

WHEN: April 5th – May 26th

The Stage Theater
1101 13th St.
Denver, CO, 80204
Ph.  303-893-4000

TICKETS: Prices vary; tickets can be purchased here.

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