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Anda Bailey comes to Miss A from the heavy corporate world in an attempt to bring more art and creativity in her life. Born and raised in both Eastern and Western Europe, Anda refuses to abandon her 5’ heels in favor of the relaxed Southern California attire – her slight British accent and sense of style are among the only characteristics that still betray her foreign origins. While educated and trained a corporate lawyer, Anda has left the monstrous law firm days behind her and now focuses on finding and maintaining a healthy balance in her life. With a new love on her arm and two beautiful dogs named Mushu and Wally, she is set to conquer the world while creating and experiencing moments of simple joy and happiness. And by simple we mean planning a small and romantic wedding in Paris set to take place in just a few months. Yes, yes, you can take the girl out of Europe but you can’t take the Parisian nights away form the girl. When she’s not writing about love, life and rare finds in San Diego Anda writes The Tie Chatter http://lordwallington.wordpress.com, a blog about men’s fashion with an emphasis on custom neckwear. And so she embarks in the pursuit of love, marriage, fashion and art, and is making Miss A part of her journey.

San Diego’s Most Stylish Man

When you think of a boutique you think of a store and a physical address. You want to plug it in your phone and GPS it every time you want to find your way there again. But that’s so 1990s! What if your favorite fashion follows you around the city like your own personal shopper and keeps up with your social calendar? I mean who doesn’t want to sip champagne with their girlfriends and have a fashion show right there in front of them, in their local bar or museum? Not me, I am totally sold.

Venessa Johnson, Founder of VIXEN Productions (Photo credit: VIXEN)

Venessa Johnson, Founder of VIXEN Productions
(Photo credit: VIXEN)

Meet VIXEN, a local production company that offers an excellent platform for local designers and artists. It is basically an experience, a pop-up boutique and fashion show, all in one. While perhaps a little dormant, compared to more cosmopolitan cities, the San Diego fashion scene certainly does exist and is the mecca of indie fashion designers and artists. Some believe that San Diego fashion is all about flip flops and shorts but, to my personal satisfaction, we are starting to see a shift towards a more urban, sophisticated and luxurious style, particularly in men. I say it is about time, gentlemen! But fashion trends tend to move at a slower pace in San Diego and that’s where VIXEN comes in!Founder Venessa Johnson is a local fashion industry veteran and established fashion editor and writer whose main focus is to bring together local talent, both emerging and established, and provide them with the right platform to leverage their designs and collections. Venessa’s VIXEN takes over popular locations throughout the city for one night at a time and by unleashing their creativity, as inspired by the locations and the designers they’re highlighting, VIXEN puts on a fashion show!I met Venessa recently and I found her to be incredibly sweet, refreshing and definitely sporting an indie inspired look. Oh and very pregnant! I was so happy to see a young and talented woman conducting business as usual while very close to term, and expressing no intention to slow down because of the imminent motherhood. Her passion for fashion is obvious and translates easily in her work.

(Photo credit: VIXEN)

(Photo credit: VIXEN)

So if you are trying to keep up with the local fashion trends check out VIXEN and their event schedule. You never know where they’ll pop up next! Might just be in your favorite neighborhood lounge. For now, I can tell you that the next pop up is on March 27th at Little Italy’s latest bar and entertainment venue 98 Bottles and that the theme is San Diego’s Most Stylish Man. This is an event that should not be missed! But just in case you do have no worries, Miss A will be there and report back to you.


WHEN: Mach 27, 2013, from  7-11 p.m.

98 Bottles
2400 Kettner Blvd, Suite #110
San Diego, CA 92101
Ph.  619-255-7885

TICKETS: $20 in advance or $25 at the door


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