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The Austin Symphony’s Rock-a-Long Wednesdays The Song Remains The Same: The Music Of Led Zeppelin

The music of Led Zeppelin dominated the ‘70s and redefined rock music.  Their music never lost its power, not even after the group disbanded in 1980—proof that great music lives forever and has the power to influence future generations of musicians.

(Photo Credit: Long Center)

(Photo Credit: Long Center)

The Long Center and The Austin Symphony are proud to combine the power of Led Zeppelin with the power of a symphony orchestra.  The Song Remains the Same: The Music of Led Zeppelin will feature the internationally acclaimed Jeans ‘N’ Classics band and the Austin Symphony Orchestra paying tribute to the notorious rock icons.

“I’m really thrilled that we are going to do this in Austin,” said Jamie Grant, Executive Director & CEO of the Long Center.  “I know that the Austin Symphony Orchestra is perhaps one of the greatest bands in town.  This music is really great.  It needs to be heard, and it’ll be heard in a unique and different way–in a way people have never heard before.”

The Song Remains the Same: The Music of Led Zeppelin is the first of a three part music series called Rock-a-Long Wednesdays, a series of concerts that’ll having you rocking like you’ve never rocked before.  The Jeans ‘N’ Classics band will re-create the music of rock and roll legends while the Austin Symphony Orchestra will add a new and thrilling dimension to it.

Before coming to the Long Center, Grant introduced this series at Centre in the Square in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, a performing arts center where he served as general manager.  The series became known as Electric ThursdaysTM and became enthusiastically popular.

“I thought this would be a neat opportunity—develop a new series—so people could have a chance to fall in love with the symphony,” said Grant.  “When I left Centre in the Square there were more subscribers for Electric Thursdays than for the symphony’s pops and masterpiece series combined.  This series developed a whole new subscriber base, a whole new audience who got to know the orchestra.”

(Photo Credit: Long Center)

(Photo Credit: Long Center)

The Long Center invites you to uncover the profoundness and depth symphony orchestra can bring to such classic rock hits.  The Song Remains the Same: The Music of Led Zeppelin will rock the Dell Hall stage on Wednesday, March 20th at 7:30 p.m.  Rock-a-Long Wednesdays will also include The Dark Side of the Moon: The Music of Pink Floyd on Wednesday, May 15th and One Vision: The Music of Queen on Wednesday, June 5th.  Beer and barbecue will be served on the City Terrace before each show.  So, dress casual, get there early and be ready to rock.

“I think Austinites are interested in trying new things, and I think a number of people will give this a try and find it really cool,” said Grant.  “There will be people here that will be introduced to the orchestra as a result of this series, and that’s a really good thing.  That’s very much in keeping with [the Long Center’s] mission to be Austin’s creative home.”

WHEN: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.

The Long Center
701 W. Riverside Dr.
Austin, TX 78704

TICKETS: Purchase your tickets here.

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