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Originally from South Carolina, Leslie Silver earned her Journalism degree at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) and moved to the Big Apple right after school. After six years in the city she was ready for a change of lifestyle and weather and made the move to Austin. Leslie works in hospitality public relations and loves to take her experience of trying top-notch clients around the world and using those experiences to critique spas and restaurants all over central Texas.

Leslie is a Huge dog lover, outdoorswoman, avid reader and has a healthy obsession with the show Parks and Recreation. Though living in Austin for less than a year, she’s already experience quite a lot and can’t wait to learn, explore and write about everything she discovers in the next year.

SXSW Interactive 2013: The Perks of Procrastination: Creating Connections Panel

The short panel on The Perks of Procrastination: Creating Connections was about Bryna Kranzler‘s activities when she was having trouble getting started on on a story.  During a procrastination afternoon, and as she said writers are notorious procrastinators as we can always find more to do and research into the slippery slope, she started thinking about her name.  She wanted to know who else shared her unique name, as she hardly knew anyone else with it growing up.

The project (Photo Credit: SXSW.com)

The project (Photo Credit: SXSW.com)

She started searching online and discovered a fascinating world of Brynas out there, the majority actually being men.  Since Brynas weren’t ever able to find personalized shirts or even keychains she wanted to create a community just for them, further road down procrastination.  But, she started her search and created a Facebook group and ended up having 140 members from all over join her and want to learn more about those that shared their name as well.

What it boiled down to her for is that we seek out personal relationships with the greater community to help further ourselves.  It helps us grow and creates intimacy, even in an online world.  In fact, Kranzler has connected with another writer that she has never met, but through their online relationship they are now working on a book together.

What she wanted attendees to come away with though in the end was about admitting vulnerability.  She said we have The Simpsons to thank for showing us that families aren’t perfect.  She said people respond when you ask for help and admit ways they aren’t perfect either.  She found out her name isn’t that unique but in the end she is in other ways and it let her get to know others in similarly unguarded ways.

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