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Ashley Pierson is the Food and Nutrition Editor for Miss A. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition from Michigan State University, and is following her passion for food after leaving the pharmaceutical industry where she worked as a sales representative for nearly a decade. Ashley loves locally grown food and has great fun coming up with new recipes using these local treasures as the foundation. She lives in Traverse City, MI, voted by Midwest Living magazine as a top 5 foodie town. Ashley lives with her husband, son and daughter near the shores of Lake Michigan.

Pair Chocolate with Beer For A Valentine’s Day Treat

photo Credit: Chocolate Exotica Traverse City

(Photo Credit: Chocolate Exotica Traverse City) photo Credit: Chocolate Exotica Traverse City

With Valentine’s day around the corner, try something edgier this year. How about beer and chocolate? Absolutely! While many think wine and chocolate, the intensity of chocolate can take over wine and the acidity factor of wine can throw the balance between the two. Pairing beer with chocolate is quite easy. Essentially, you want to pair any beer with good-quality dark chocolate containing 52 percent to 72 percent cocoa mass to get that intense chocolate flavor. Here are a few tips for a romantic gathering.
dark beer
To start, choose the type of beer.  If dark beer, such as a porter or stout, pairing is easy with any fine chocolate, especially a caramel truffle, chocolate turtle with caramel and nuts or caramel-infused dark milk chocolate bar. Dark beer flavors have deep earthy tones that meld so perfect with chocolate. Fruity, spicy beer adds a nutty, cocoa chocolate tone that pairs well with berry truffles or a chocolate bar with dried berries. Pale ales, such as American wheat beer, make a great combination with malt flavor truffles, gourmet malt balls or chocolate mixed with nuts. Shop your local area to purchase craft brewed beer.

The fun part is tasting. Arrange the beer and chocolate in a corresponding display. Use note cards to explain beer undertones and highlights of the chocolate or truffle pairing. A general rule for serving beer is 3 ounces of glass per pairing. Sniff, taste and enjoy the beer. Do the same with the chocolate, as you take a bite, let it melt but before you finish, take a sip of beer to blend the flavors. Have fun sipping and experimenting with all the rich, intense flavors.

Photo Credit: Chocolate Exotica Traverse City

(Photo Credit: Chocolate Exotica Traverse City)


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