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Thirteen Bakery In Los Angeles

Pink Frosted Heart Cookies

Pink Frosted Heart Cookies (Photo Credit: Thirteen Bakery website)

Whether you’re craving banana cream cake, blondie bars, vanilla bean cupcakes or heart cookies with pink buttercream icing, Thirteen Bakery has got it. The newly launched  baking and catering company has been doing a booming–and, might I add, scrumptious–business since its official opening back in November. And its founder, fifteen year-old entrepreneur Maddie Reasner, couldn’t be more excited.

Reasner, who comes from a family of food industry professionals, says that she’s always had an interest in baking. “I used to help out with my aunt’s catering company during the summertime by baking for her. She’d come over at least three times a week, and  I would just help her bake for whichever event or party she was catering.”

Helping with her aunt’s catering company wasn’t the teen’s only connection to baking. Her grandparents own the legendary Du-Par’s restaurant chain, famous for their pies and other baked goods, and her great grandfather was none other than W.W. Tiny Naylor, proprietor of the wildly popular 1950s coffee shop chain, Tiny Naylor’s. There’s no doubt that the family business is in her blood. Still, the West Hollywood-based teenager says she hadn’t given much thought about going into the business herself. “I’d never really considered it until I was in the 7th grade. I was supposed to go to Bunia Congo, Africa, on a mission trip. I needed a way to raise  the money to pay for it, so I came up with the idea of baking and selling my own cookies.”

Maddie With Students in Africa

Maddie with students on her mission trip to Africa (Photo Credit: Thirteen Bakery website)

Maddie looked no further than her age (thirteen) to name her business. She  sold her  made-to-order treats for the first time at her school’s annual holiday fundraiser. Her decision proved to be a good one. Not only did she reach her financial goal to make the trip to Africa, she  started what has become a lucrative business that gives to those in need. Thirteen Bakery currently partners with charities both in the U.S. and abroad–Westside Pregnancy Clinic and Cloud and Fire Ministries being among them.  Reasner’s future philanthropic plans include co-hosting fundraisers with the Santa Monica-based clinic, and providing desks and other much-needed supplies for high school students in Africa.

The ambitious teen queen of buttercream also hopes to be opening an actual Thirteen Bakery store soon, saying, “my biggest goal is definitely not to be cooking out of my parent’s kitchen forever.” Although a store might be one of her loftier goals, she’s still branching out. The fifteen year-old says she has plans to start selling her products at Du-Par’s Farmers Market location soon.

When asked what she does that separates her delicious baked treats from the rest, she says, “it isn’t always the ingredients that matter, it’s in the technique… it’s the way you do it that makes it good.” Maddie also says the answer lies in the dough. “I let the dough sit for a long time–like two whole days in the refrigerator. Aged dough is always better.”

To place a custom order or to have your next event catered, contact Thirteen Bakery at 310-923-3301.

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