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Alice Astourian is the Family Editor for Miss A. She is a very happy stay at home mom with a 1-year-old son. She has been happily married for almost 7 years. She loves sharing her ideas and adventures with others. She considers herself a savvy shopper, cook/baker, wife, and woman. She has a BA in Social Welfare and has classroom and research experience. She enjoys reading, writing, photography and spending time with her family.

Keeping Your Life Balanced In The New Year

Everyone is so busy these days. We can all admit that, even if our lifestyles are very different, we always wish we had more hours in a day. Time seems to be flying by without giving us a chance to take it all in. We always say, “when I have more time I’ll do this and that,” or “when we have more money we’ll finally get to go here and there.” It is so hard being in a family where each child is at a different stage, in a different school and going to different activities. How can you keep your life balanced as a parent when you’re being spread so thin? Day to day, you might be doing the same cleaning, cooking, driving, etc. It’s hard during those busy days to find balance in your life, to feel accomplished and content if you are running from event to event. Take a moment now in the second month of 2013 and reevaluate how your time is being spent. Keeping your life balanced in the new year can be easy.

Keep track of your goals and priorities. Whether you place a chalkboard in your

Chalkboard design Photo Credit: inspiredbycharm.com

(Photo Credit: inspiredbycharm.com)

kitchen to write down your goals or just put up notes around your house to remind you throughout the day, make goals and write them down. Save all your loose change and extra dollars in a jar so you can see the money being saved for a trip or home project. It will be positive reinforcement in your heart and mind to see your hopes written down and to reread them throughout your day. For example, Inspired by Charm blogger Michael Wurm, Jr. created a beautiful chalkboard for all to see with the quote, “What I love most about my home is who I share it with.” Isn’t that inspiring? To see that everyday and be reminded that even though that window is old and broken, even though our home is not in tip top shape every second, I love it because it is my families home. I’m already feeling inspired to live out my goals and prioritize my days, remembering that the moments your child wants to spend with you right before bed are more important than the dirty dishes.

Plan your days, don’t OVER plan your days. You want to get as much done in one day, I get it! It feels good to check things off your list. Sometimes you just can’t do everything and you have to come to terms with that. The days that are spent over planned throw your whole week off, because the next day you don’t do a thing because you are so tired! Your priorities come into play here. Remember what they are during your day and stick to them. If you are going to prioritize spending time with your children, spend time with your children by giving them all your attention. There is a cute anonymous saying, “to be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” This means put the iPhone and iPad down and get down and play with them. When you are running from activity to activity, your sanity is being thrown out the window. Sometimes you just have to learn to say no to certain activities so you can take care of yourself.

Leave big projects for weekends. Try to leave big tasks for the weekend when there are more “hands on deck” and you have more time. Weekends are the perfect time to clean out your closets. Everyone is home and can decide for themselves what they need and what they don’t. This will help you de-clutter your closets and get more organized. When you are done, you can make a family trip down to your local Goodwill. During the week, you want your house to always be clean and in order. Maintain your home by going through the house each day and tossing everything that doesn’t belong in that room into a laundry basket (shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes). On the weekend, have your kids take everything from the basket back to its rightful place.

Exercise and eat well. The new year always brings hopes of losing weight and eating right. I hope that I can encourage you to take the necessary steps this year to actually make this happen. When you are in shape and eating the right things, you will have more energy to get everything on your list done. You won’t feel lethargic or depressed. You’ll be energized and ready to tackle the daily grind!

Every parent has to decide for themselves what works for them. I just encourage you all to take certain steps in this new year to keep your life balanced so when 2014 arrives, you will look back on your accomplishments and look forward to new ones!

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