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She grew up in Japan, considers California home, but feels like she belongs in Paris. In her bag, you will always find three books: one for reading, one for writing and one for planning. Yes she has tablets, but committing to them is another story, and so that relationship remains complicated.

You can find her scouring the web, musing over luxury elitism vs. fashion democracy, and dilly-dallying in rapturous moments of absolute silence (she is not a nun). Grace is also sensitive. And sometimes funny. She’s a professional bikini bard by day and a bookworm by night.

February Is Museum Month In San Diego

You appreciate the tranquility of a blossoming garden.  Your husband is obsessed with naval aviation, and the kids?  Well, if only there was a way to even temporarily quell the questions that confirm that you are not, in fact, smarter than a fifth grader.

Image courtesy of the Birch Aquarium

(Photo Credit: The Birch Aquarium)

However, you are a lady in the know, and here’s a tip to add to your mommy arsenal:  Museum Month will cover all of your bases and you have the 28 days of February to take advantage of it.  In one family-fun trip, you can head to Balboa Park and get reacquainted with all the enrichment it has to offer.  You best believe that the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center will have the kids occupied in no time with tornado modeling, microscope peering and guesswork on the size of the average meteorite (which is much smaller than you would think).  Your hubby will have a blast (pun intended) oogling the Atlas Rocket Exhibit next door at the Air & Space Museum.  You will have a chance to steal a quick reprieve at the serenely beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden.

Image courtesy of the San Diego Museum Council

(Photo Credit: The San Diego Museum Council)

There’s more:  42 participating museums, from the Birch Aquarium at Scripps to the Tijuana Estuary will be honoring Museum Month Passes.  Museum Month Passes can be picked up at any of the 14 Macy’s locations in the San Diego area, beginning February 1st.  The passes are free while supplies last and can allow up to four visitors to gain month-long admission to all 42 museums for half the price.

Image courtesy of the San Diego Museum Council

(Photo Credit: The San Diego Museum Council)

And, with last week’s teaser launch of San Diego’s Museum Month, you won’t be the only one on your toes.  The entire city has learned to anticipate this annual event.   Created by the San Diego Museum Council in 1989, Museum Month celebrates its 24th year bringing art, culture, science and new exhibitions to the community. Rediscover, reconnect and explore.  Soak up the enrichment and be sure to make it a friends and family affair!

WHEN: The duration of the month of February, 2013.

WHERE: 42 Museums throughout the San Diego Area. For a complete list, please visit the Museum Council here.

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