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Recap of The Bachelor: Week Three

Bachelor_Sean Volleyball

(Photo Credit: ABC)

It’s week three of The Bachelor and as the group is whittled down further, it’s time to start learning the bachelorettes names and really picking favorites (that’s what makes watching all of this fun after all). As per the usual we’re greeted with a gratuitous shot of bachelor Sean Lowe‘s buff bare body working out. “This week I have my work cut out for me,” says Sean, “I find myself really digging a lot of women!”

And the fun begins as host Chris Harrison  gathers the ladies and informs that that there will be three dates this week: one group date and two one-on-ones, but not all 16 remaining women will be going on dates. Uh-oh, you know what that means, some gals are going to be stressing come the Rose Ceremony this week.

(Photo Credit: ABC.com)

(Photo Credit: ABC.com)

Up first? D.C. political consultant Lesley M. with a vague date card that reads, “Lesley M., how long will this love last?” What could that mean? Lesley’s not sure, and neither I, so when we her in the limo with Sean it’s no surprise the producer’s want to keep us hanging and we find Sean’s tight-lipped about what they’ll be doing. Of course in interviews he’s talking about something that will surprise her (and I fear it’s going to be another silly prank like we saw on Desiree’s date last week).

Sure enough you can see the surprise on Lesley’s face when they’re dropped off  at Hollywood & Highland to visit the Guinness World Records Museum. At this point I’m not sure what Sean’s thinking, but turns out the Guinness Book of Records is near and dear to Sean’s family: his father, Jay Lowe, set the world record for driving the 48 contiguous states in the shortest amount of time. Naturally, Sean wants to set his own world record and that’s where Lesley comes in — they’re going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest on-screen kiss, with dozens of spectators cheering them on!

Bachelor_On Screen Kiss

Sean & Lesley M. break the Guiness World Record
(Photo Credit: ABC)

In order to break the current record, Sean and Lesley have to kiss non-stop for three minutes and 16 seconds. Of course The Bachelor thinks it’s a good idea to show the entire kiss, which in reality was just very awkward to watch. When they first start kissing, Lesley even admits it’s a little awkward with the crowd around them. “The hardest part was trying not to laugh,” Sean says, as we watch the two suppress their giggles. But soon the two forget the crowd and really get into the kiss, which made it a little less awkward to watch. Somehow the whole event made Lesley even more endearing.

The Verdict: I still like her (and can’t imagine her going anywhere any time soon).

Bachelor_Beach Volleyball

(Photo Credit: ABC)

Next up a 12-girl group date with Kacie, Robyn, Leslie, Kristy, Catherine, TarynDesiree, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and Tierra. The ladies are split up into two teams and whichever team wins the game, will continue the date with an evening with Sean. In the end, Desiree, Robyn, Amanda, Jakie, Kacie and Lindsay win, and the remaining ladies walk off the beach literally in tears.


(Photo Credit: People.com)

Nothing else worth writing home about from the evening, except that Kacie decided instead of having a romantic moment with Sean, she’d insert herself into the middle of the Amanda-Desiree drama and try and let Sean know what was going on in the house. Instead of succesfully making a point, she ended up looking like a babbling idiot and confusing poor Sean.

The Verdict: I’m neutral now (but leaning toward not liking her).


(Photo Credit: ABC.com)

(Photo Credit: ABC.com)

AshLee (with a capital L) gets the second and final one-on-one date. Up until this point in the series, we’ve not seen too much from Miss AshLee outside of her initial intro-package, which I had all but forgotten about until tonight’s date. But before we get to the date, AshLee announces  “Nothing can and will go wrong today,” which of course is immediately followed by Tierra taking a fall down the stairs. Seconds later when Sean walks through the door to pick AshLee up for the date, his focus shifts to Tierra still lying on the stairs. Having had several concussions himself, he’s worried about Tierra and wants to get her to the hospital to get checked out. After a dramatic moment on a stretcher, Tierra refuses to allow the paramedics to take her to the ER and insists she’s okay. The whole ordeal was highly suspect (and I still thinking homegirl is crazy).

Bachelor_ Brianna Emily

Sean with Brianna and Emily
(Photo Credit: charities.org)

After spending a little alone time with Tierra to make sure she’s actually okay, Sean returns to AshLee and they leave for the date. Thanks to the magic of ABC, the two have  Six Flags Magic Mountain all to themselves, but Sean announces it’d be selfish if it were just the two of them and decides to bring along Brianna and  Emilie. No, not more competition, but rather two young girls with Mitochondrial Disease with the help of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The two young girls have been online pals for years, but this is the first time they’ve ever met in person. Hate on The Bachelor all you want, but this moment was priceless. Click for more information on the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Mitochondrial Disease.

Over the course of the date, the four go on rides, play games and later get a private concert with The Eli Young Band. It was one of my favorite “Bachelor” moments to date. Later AshLee opens up to Sean about her childhood and reveals that she was adopted at the age of six, but not before she was physically abused in the foster system. She recounts the most heart-warming story of when she met her father (who happens to be a preacher), which makes Sean tear up. Sincerely, this was a fantastic “Bachelor” moment. Of course Sean gives her a rose — it was a perfect date. One of my favorites of any season to date.

The Verdict: I REALLY like AshLee.

On to the cocktail party and eliminations.


(Photo Credit: ABC.com)


Sarah, who I fell in love with a little last week, was one of the girls who didn’t get a date with Sean this week. Sean brings her outside at the beginning of the evening and a limo pulls up. Poor girl thinks she’s being sent home, but as it turns out Sean’s just surprising her with a visit from her pug, Leo. Nothing really happened here, but it showed Sean’s thoughtful side and was a cute moment.

The Verdict: I still like her.


From here out there’s a frenzy for alone-time with Sean. It was literally insane watching as the girls steal the bachelor back and forth from one another, making it near impossible for anyone to have any quality alone time with him.

Finally, Sean begins the Rose Ceremony, but quickly puts things on hold to talk to Kacie. During the cocktail party they were in the midst of a conversation about Kacie’s silly antics the other day and were interrupted, so I was thinking he just wanted to clear something up with her. But no, I was wrong, “I admire you, and I have way too much respect for you to make you stand through another ceremony when I know in my heart that we’re better off as friends,” Sean says as he sends Kacie packing. That’ll sure teach her to not to meddle in the future.

In the end, Taryn and Kristy joined Kacie in going home.

What did you think about Tierra’s fall and miraculous healing? Who do you think needs to go home next?

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