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How To Host A Holiday Whine Party

Have you ever been in the midst of the holiday season and wanted to literally tear your hair out, escape to the Caribbean, or just go to bed feigning illness to get a break?

Lolita Healy, a nationally known Celebrations Expert and founder of Designs by Lolita, has totally been there, and she’s come up with a solution to escape the stress: have a Holiday Whine Party!

Hot Mama Claus Wine Glass

(Photo Credit: designsbylolita.com)

Get together with your best gal-pals, bring out the wine (or better yet, BYOW) and whine it up, tissues included!

Here are a few fabulous tips for hosting your own Whine Party!

Make it a gift wrapping party …you can whine while you wrap!! As you know, women are multi-taskers, so why not get something done while we all complain? And drink wine, to boot?

Have a gift-wrapping contest!  Supply gift wrap, boxes, ribbons, etc. and give everyone three minutes. Everyone votes on the best (the only exception is that they cannot vote for their own). Have a Lolita wine glass on hand for the winner.

Do a “biggest complaint” jar. Everyone writes their biggest complaint of the holiday season so far. Then, do a drawing, and the winner gets a Holiday Ornament Ball, like “Cheery Mismas,” and something else girly, like Hankie Pankies or a Mac Lip Gloss.

Have a holiday therapy session. Go around the room and have everyone tell their top five complaints (with a full glass of wine, of course!). Only unconditional listening allowed.

Snow Angels Wine Glass

(Photo Credit: designsbylolita.com)

Share best holiday tips. Have everyone bring a favorite recipe, holiday decorating tip, etc. to share with everyone at the party.

Share your biggest wish.  What are the holidays without your own wish list? What does Hot Mamma Claus want for the holidays? The more outlandish the better (who else are you going to tell?)! For Lolita, it would be a trip around the world – think Eat, Pray, Love!

No matter how old you are or young, women are naturally the nurturers, so the holiday season brings out the best of our natural tendencies, and the absolute worst in us when overworked! A Holiday Whine Party with your girlfriends is all you’ll need to put things in perspective and remember what the holiday season is all about.

To stay up to date on all things Lolita, be sure to check out her website at DesignsByLolita.com, where you’ll find the latest and greatest products, party tips and ways to connect.


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