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Tommy Hilfiger 6th Annual Limited Edition Handbag Supports Breast Health International

Breast Health International

(Photo Credit: Breast Health International)

For the past five years, Tommy Hilfiger and company have been showing their support for breast cancer awareness by designing and selling a limited edition handbag each year. Once again this year, Hilfiger has shown his commitment and dedication to this cause by designing an elegant and unique handbag to benefit the Fund for Living program instituted by Breast Health International (BHI)As Tommy Hilfiger turns out eye-catching and highly sought after handbags and designer products each and every time, this year is no different. Join others in the Delaware Valley by purchasing this fabulous handbag designed by Tommy Hilfiger and support BHI at the same time.

Tommy Hilfiger bag for Breast Health International

(Photo Credit: Breast Health International)

BHI is an organization based in Philadelphia with chapters in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany, to name a few. This worthy organization is one which helps to raise awareness as well as funds to further the research and fight in the battle against breast cancer. BHI offers many individual programs, including Fund for Living which is in place throughout Philadelphia area hospitals. The funds raised through BHI for the Fund for Living program will enable the organization to provide financial assistance to those battling breast cancer. These funds will help to offset costs experienced by individuals with breast cancer when insurance coverage is unavailable or other financial restrictions are at issue.

Tommy Hilfiger along with actress/screenwriter/producer Drew Barrymore and actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg have teamed up to put this year’s Fund for Living fundraiser into motion and raise money for breast cancer fighters. With Hilfiger’s exquisite eye for design, Barrymore’s mesmerizing photography and Gainsbourg’s poise and elegance, this Fund for Living campaign is certain to be a success.

Tommy Hillfiger limited edition bag for Breast Health International

(Photo Credit: Breast Health International)

The handbag itself features  Hilfiger’s signature navy/red/white color tone combinations and painstakingly perfect design. As Gainsbourg brings the lovely features of the handbag to life with elegant and poignant poses, Barrymore takes the perfect pictures to advertise the handbag as well as highlight the true meaning behind the sale of this lovely accessory.

Do your part in the fight against breast cancer and purchase this fabulous limited edition handbag today. The 2012 Tommy Hilfiger handbag for BHI retails for $298 and $100 of every handbag sale goes directly to the BHI Fund for Living program. These specialty handbags can be purchased at select Tommy Hilfiger stores as well as online by visiting the Tommy Hilfiger website. Not only will you get an exquisite Hilfiger bag to add to your accessories collection, you will also be contributing to an excellent cause and helping those with breast cancer in the Philadelphia area.

To learn more about the 2012 Tommy Hilfiger Limited Edition Handbag and the BHI Fund for Living, click here.

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