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Recap: Animal Defenders International’s Lion Ark Night Honors Bob Barker And Jorja Fox In LA

Animal Defenders International Founders Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips joined a group of animal defenders, volunteers, supporters and celebrities such as actor Cesar Costa in his beautiful scenic home in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. The celebrity-studded event brought a special lion themed night to honor those who have supported the protection of international animal welfare.

ADI Founders-Jan Creamer & Tim Phillips

ADI Founders-Jan Creamer & Tim Phillips (Photo Credit: True Emotions Photography / ADI)

This year’s honorees, Bob Barker (Emmy-winning host of “The Price is Right”/ philanthropist) recipient of the ADI-Lord Houghton Award and Jorja Fox (“CSI’’s Sarah Sidle) recipient of the ADI-Animal Champion Award, were honored for their service and work to protect the rights of those less capable to defend themselves–in this case, abused lions.

Lions Ark Night-a fundraiser event that this year celebrated the successful rescue operation of ADI in Bolivia (2011) as well as  its 25th anniversary and their new offices in Los Angeles, bringing animal protection and advocacy into the US.

Barker receives Lord Houghton Award

Barker receives Lord Houghton Award (Photo Credit: True Emotions Photography/ ADI)

Lion Ark Night is themed after last year’s huge ADI Operation Lion Ark rescue mission of 29 circus lions from Bolivia to the US, which is currently being made into a feature-length documentary capturing the behind-the-scenes actions of the rescue, the heartache and their joyful flight to freedom. The Gala previewed scenes from the forthcoming movie “Lion Ark” introduced by ADI’s Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, who served as leaders during the dramatic rescue mission. After ADI undercover investigations secured a ban on animal circuses in Bolivia, the ADI team returned to track down the remaining circuses defying the law. After a successful mission, 29 lions were rescued and airlifted to safety in the USA.

The evening’s star-studded gala offered a beautiful Los Angeles city view and breath-taking hillside view from the quarters of actor James Costa’s house. Along with the warm ambiance, guests enjoyed an evening full of music, vegan hors d’oeuvres, desserts, wine, a fine themed art display and silent auction, as well as a glimpse of “Lion Ark” the movie.

Jorja Fox receives ADI-champion Award

Jorja Fox receives ADI-champion Award (Photo Credit :True Emotions Photography/ADI)

Among the night’s highlights, Jorja Fox was awarded the Animal Champion Award. Jan explained, Jorja has been a genuine, strong moral support and strength to the various and continuous operations by ADI. While Bob Barker’s charismatic personality and humor brought laughter to the audience as he candidly mentioned ADI’s Creamer and Phillips, “the animals of North America would be much better off today if they [Creamer and Phillips] had come over on the Mayflower! … We hope America will become at least as civilized as Bolivia.” When he received his award, he also said he had meant to bring them a check and left it at home, so he wrote out and presented them with an I.O.U. As a joke or just the plain truth, he sure made everyone laughed putting that unique spark on the gala’s night.

Attendees enjoyed a display of treats provided by Alternative Outfitters, ecoVegan, Frey Vineyards, Native Foods Café, Paul Mitchell, Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies, Veggie Grill and Vegin’ Out vegan meal delivery service.

Actress Kate Linder; Tim Phillips ADI Vice President; Jorja Fox; Jan Creamer, ADI President; host James Costa

Actress Kate Linder; Tim Phillips ADI Vice President; Jorja Fox; Jan Creamer, ADI President; host James Costa (Photo Credit: True Emotions Photography/ADI)

This event showcased an enthusiastic group from the Los Angeles City, supporting ADI and the effort to continue the care of those animals they work hard to protect. From volunteers, supporters, animal advocators and Hollywood celebrities, every person at the event made a very special contribution to ADI and the growing movement for animal rights and protection.

Jan Creamer believes that evidence is the key to change while Phillips describes ADI’s approach as “holistic,” gathering both physical and scientific evidence to stop animal mistreatment.

To learn more about Animal Defenders International, donate, adopt or support their campaigns, please visit their website. You can also learn more about the “Lion Ark” documentary here.

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