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Review Of The Possession

(Photo Credit: Lionsgate)

Surprisingly, “The Possession” is still in theaters (even though it’s been almost a month since I’ve seen it) and that warrants a review in my book.

The movie stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny from “Grey’s Anatomy”) a basketball coach coping with his divorce from Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”) and its effect on his children. Morgan then begins to notice his youngest daughter (Natasha Calis) exhibiting strange behavior after picking up a mysterious wooden box adorned with Hebrew writing from a yard sale. As she becomes increasing violent, Morgan realizes she’s been possessed by a demon in the box and the rest of the movie revolves around how to get the demon out of her.

Based on true events, “The Possession” is a lukewarm horror movie at best, despite solid performances and a few genuinely creepy moments. Drawing a bit too much inspiration from “The Exorcist,” director Ole Bornedal attempts to breathe new life into the film by taking its exorcist and demon from Jewish mythology featuring a dybbuk – the Judaic version of the possessing spirit – but even this doesn’t bring enough new life to this played out genre.

The verdict: It’s straight up formulaic, and moviegoers looking for an unrelenting scare fest will likely be underwhelmed. It’s safe to say we’ve found yet another movie that you should just wait to watch at home.

Opened: August 31, 2012
Director: Ole Bornedal
Starring: Natasha Calis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick

(Photo Credit: Lionsgate)

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