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Interview with Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Arthur Glosman

Some say a smile is worth a thousand words.

Dr. Glosman - Beverly Hills cosmetic and restorative dentist

Dr. Glosman (Photo Credit: arthurglosmandds.com)

In LA people are often striving for perfection. What I like about Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Arthur Glosman is his philosophy that the smile you possess is uniquely yours–there is no “cookie-cutter” smile. His purpose is to bring your smile to life by augmenting every possible factor that enhances your individual beauty, so that you look and feel younger.

“The best gift I can receive is the privilege of witnessing the moment my patients’ hearts fill with joy and amazement. You just can’t evoke an emotion like that easily. You can’t fake it. It’s a very special, very intimate, completely irreplaceable response. It reminds me of why I do what I do.” – Dr. Arthur Glosman

Interview with Dr. Glosman:

Q: How long have you been practicing? Do you feel your practice is a mixture of art and science?

A: I’ve been practice for 13 years – as soon as I graduated from USC School of Dentistry. From a very early age, I was fascinated by beauty. Like a powerful magnet, I was drawn to objects that radiated characteristics I would later come to know as symmetry, proximity and hue correlation. Having traveled to Europe and studying classical sculptures, architecture, natural shapes and the history of art, I concluded that multiple elements must be present and working together in order to create a beauty that is ideal and unique to each subject. This grasp of classical and modern beauty motivated me to pursue a career as a cosmetic and restorative dentist for Beverly Hills. It allowed me to combine art and science to truly give each patient a custom smile that is unique and retains their true beauty and physical characteristics.  No cookie-cutter smiles in my practice.

Q: What are some natural ways to whiten teeth? 

A: I tell my patients to follow the Glosman 4 Step Approach to dental health and beauty, and this will help to keep your teeth white and bright:

Step 1: Brush: at least twice a day, preferably with a fluoride tooth paste that also contains a whitener.

Step 2:  Floss: as often as possible to remove particle caught between teeth.

Step 3:  Mouth Wash: follow flossing with a mouth wash to expel particles, and try to use a brightening mouth wash, and eat nutritiously.

Step 4:  Exercise in moderation, get enough sleep, and manage stress.

I also like blue-hued lip sticks which can make teeth appear white and give you a brighter smile. Just make sure it has an SPF of 15 or higher.

Q: What are your most popular services?

Dr. Glosman's office

Dr. Glosman’s office (Photo Credit: arthurglosmandds.com)

A: For both my celebrity patients and my non-celebrity patients, everyone wants a more beautiful, younger-looking smile. I perform a lot of cosmetic surgeries – full smile make-overs using veneers and the other latest and greatest technology.

There is no “cookie-cutter” smile! The smile you possess is uniquely yours. My purpose as a cosmetic dentistry surgeon is to bring that smile to life by augmenting every possible factor that enhances your individual beauty.

Q: What would you like to share with our readers about your practice?

A: I have been in the lab doing some research on some very interesting and beneficial active ingredients for dental health and beauty. My patients have been asking me for years to develop a dental health and beauty line. So I’ve taken my research work and I am incorporating it into a luxury line of clinical dental health and beauty products that I hope to launch in the beginning of 2013!  You’ll soon be hearing more about Salvadora persica, aka the tooth brush tree. This is an active phyto-chemical with amazing dental health and beauty properties. Its twigs have been used in Eastern Asia and the Middle East for centuries as a tooth brush (The WHO recommends it) and the oil has medicinal properties backed by years of clinical research. It’s a great anti-septic, abrasive, astringent, enzyme inhibitor and it has fluoride!  It whitens, freshens, and protects against cavities. Salvadora persica truly has the ability to take dental health and beauty to a new level!  And I’ve been able to formulate a product line that has this amazing active ingredient that mother nature gave us.

Q: Do you participate in any charities? 

A: I work with and am a huge fan the of the Special Olympics Special Smiles program. Started by the esteemed Dr. Steven Perlman, the Special Olympics Special Smiles is a dental screening, education and referral program that operates under the auspices of Special Olympics, Inc. Dental screenings are used as a means to increase awareness of the state of the athletes’ oral health for the athletes themselves, as well as their parents and/or caregivers while providing solutions to chronic dental problems, or providing an athlete with a mouth guard which can enhance the athlete’s performance as well as provide dental health and well-being.

Call for a complimentary consultation 310-651-8319 or visit him online.


Dr. Arthur Glosman
450 N. Roxbury Drive Suite 222
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Ph. 310-651-8319

HOURS: Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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