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Preparing Your Home And Family For Back To School

Our children have, or will soon be going, back to school. The lazy days of summer will soon be over. If your kids are used to not doing much all day or if they have been sleeping in, it’s time to get them started on a routine again. Going back to school doesn’t have to be stressful. If you plan and organize things, you can make the transition very smooth for your entire family.

Back to School

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Getting ready for back to school means prepping your house to fit the needs of busy school kids. Managing breakfast, lunches, after school snacks and homework can be a lot if you don’t plan properly. Stocking your kids backpacks with school supplies isn’t enough. You should make sure that your house has the right tools for students also.

Organizing your home office

Students nowadays have to be able to access a computer, printer and the Internet. Your local library can provide those services as well. Making sure you have these basics in your home office can really encourage your kids to be successful at doing their homework. Help your kids make a smooth transition back to school by stocking your home office with the following:

  • printer paper
  • printer ink
  • pencils/pens/pencil sharpener
  • writing paper
  • crayons/colored pencils/ markers/highlighters
  • erasers
  • notebooks
  • calendars/planners
  • calculator

Organizing your kitchen

Snacks and meals during the Summer might have been a little less on the healthy side. You and your kids will probably eat out less. Stocking your fridge with healthy snacks and drinks will help provide energy for your students. Here are some easy snack ideas packed with nutrition and energy. These snacks are easy for little ones to get their hands on!

  • carrot sticks
  • celery sticks
  • apples
  • almonds/trail mix
  • granola bars
Apple Sandwiches

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Wexy Lunch and Munch Bags has a downloadable healthy snack eBook that is packed with ideas and recipes for snacks for your kids. One of my favorite recipes from their eBook is “Organic Banana in a Blanket.

“Organic Banana in a Blanket”

1 tortilla

1 tbsp smooth raw organic peanut butter

1 medium organic banana

1 tsp organic maple syrup grade B or raw honey

1 WEXY bag

Lay tortilla on a plate. Spread peanut butter evenly on the tortilla. Peel and place banana on the tortilla and then roll up the tortilla. Place tortilla on plate. Drizzle maple syrup or honey on top. Place it in your WEXY snack bags and your ready for an amazing treat!

Organizing your kids’ free time

Back to School Studying

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Kids have a lot of free time during the summer to do a whole lot of nothing! With school in motion, their little brains need to spend more time reading, writing and doing homework as opposed to playing. As the summer draws to an end, I would suggest helping your kids get back into the swing of things by starting a “school” routine a few weeks before school actually starts. Here is a simple pre-back to school schedule:

  • get to bed early
  • wake up early–two weeks before school starts wake the kids up at or around the same time they need to be up for school. You want to be able to get out the door in a timely manner when school starts. This will help things go more smoothly once school starts.
  • have some morning reading time
  • exercise/ go to the park
  • start assigning chores- if you were more lenient about chores during the summer make sure to assign more tasks. Making their bed, washing the dishes, doing laundry, etc. This way the kids will get used to doing instead of just sitting.

Everyone wants the school year to start off on the right foot. With these few suggestions, I think you will be able to encourage a healthy back to school lifestyle. Help your children feel responsible and successful in their daily life before they go back to school. These ideas should help your children feel confident to go back to school.

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