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Seattle’s Kari Gran Launches New Eco-Skincare Line

Lip Whip, one of Gran’s most popular products (and my personal fave). Available in “Naked” or “Tinted” with peppermint or cinnamon-pimenta flavors, it’s $15 a jar. Yum!

I was invited to attend a media launch for Kari Gran Skincare products, also known as the new “little black dress of eco skincare.” Before going, I had never considered that a beauty routine could be part of overall health, but I swear by Gran’s products now.

After years of using every product she could find on the market and testing her own personal recipes, Kari Gran realized that many products were advertising “natural” and “age-defying” elements, but were in reality using harmful chemical fillers that produce negative endocrine reactions for some women. Having struggled with health issues and thyroid imbalances herself, it was important to her to be as chemical free as possible. However, she found that when she tried more natural products, or those advertised as completely eco-friendly, they either smelled strongly of patchouli, or came in unappealing packaging. She was craving something that felt luxurious, natural, and eco-friendly.

Kari and Lisa, co-founders of Kari Gran Skincare, at the media launch.

So, she started creating her own oils, serums, and lip balms, and eventually got the recipe to meet her very high standards. After giving her skin regime to a friend as a gift, she was encouraged to try and make her products for a broader audience. The Kari Gran Skincare line is just launching, but I would predict tremendous success for Kari and her partners.

When I tried the products, I was most impressed with their versatility, and my favorites were the serum, lip whip, and the oil cleanser. The skin care line and the makeup line were designed to “play well with others, and mixed and matched” according to Kari. I thought this was really important, and watched her mix the serum with the foundation powder to make a tinted moisturizer. All of her products are subtly scented, which is really important to me because I have severe allergies to most perfumes. Some smell like lavender or rose water, like the moisturizing mist. The makeup made us look luminous and did not feel heavy at all, and my favorite product was the peppermint flavored lip whip- it was silky smooth and moisturized my lips all day.

Another one of my favorite products, the Cleansing Oil ($25 a bottle).

Kari herself was impressively knowledgeable about skin science, and provided education during her demonstrations about skin layers, chemical reactions, and the properties that make her line so healthy and natural. She also charismatically talked about the inspiration behind her skin care line.

Usually makeup and even skin lotion irritates my sensitive skin and worsens my allergies. However, my skin feels softer than ever after trying her products, and because they are completely natural, they didn’t cause an allergic reaction. Gran knows her beauty products, and she is also going to give you more options than ever in terms of overall health.

Kari Gran Skincare products are available for purchase on her website.


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