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San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Having a live by the comic, die by the comic attitude is what it takes to make it through the endless lines and crowds of San Diego Comic-Con. The word on the street is that The San Diego Convention center has become way too small of a venue to house the 125,000 fans that show up to Comic-Con each year.

San Diego Comic-Con cosplayer

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)

The brunt of the blame has been placed on Twilight fans, most of whom are tweens and, unlike the True Bloods, Breaking Bads, Walking Deads and Iron Mans, have to be accompanied by their parents to every panel, and exhibit hall.

Being a rookie and entering the convention center for the very first time, one feels like they’re stepping into Dante’s Inferno and, without a guide, the place is a black hole. Chip Mosher who is the head of PR for Comixology said, “I don’t know how newbies do it, I’ve been coming here for 20 years.” There are nebulous panel rooms, exhibit halls, ballrooms, not to mention the amalgamation of lycra bodysuit, camel toe-clad characters (resembling the Wonder Woman and Superman solicitors, which are often seen in front of the Chinese Mann Cinema on Hollywood Boulevard), paraplegics navigating their wheelchairs through the masses of neo-punk nerds and Midwesterners on their annual pilgrimage to San Diego.

San Diego Comic-Con Batmobile

(Photo Credit: Tatyana Gelfond)

The first time entering the exhibit hall can be especially brutal if you don’t know where you’re going or what you hope to accomplish. Inundated with booths and fans, it’s like trying to walk through a concert that’s just let out. A secret tip given by one of the patrons, if you want to clear some space for yourself: “say out loud, ‘I think they are giving away free stuff over there,’ and just point in some random direction, and watch the mouth breathing nerds stampede.”

Getting into see one of the more popular panels can also involve many hours of standing in line, especially when it comes to the infamous Hall H, which is much like roach motel–when a fan enters and takes a seat, they don’t give it up and stay for every panel whether they are a fan of the show or not.

Even though the whole experience can be overwhelming, there are some perks, like seeing the life size Batmobile and Knight Rider cars (KITT computer intact) on display, as well as finding out that Ethan Hawke is about to follow in Robert De Niro’s foot steps and star in a horror movie.


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