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Summer Movies for Kids 2012

Going to movies is a huge treat for kids in the summer. I think parents don’t mind the two hours of silence either! With the summer in full swing and probably most summer day camps over, families flock to the movies for a nice activity and some free air-conditioning. There are a variety of kid friendly movies out this summer.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Follow the silly animals’ journey through Europe to find their way home. If your kids haven’t seen the series, rent the previous two and have a few movie nights at home before going to the theater. Parents are sure to love this series too! Opened June 8, Rated PG.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie

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Watching Princess Merida stand up for her Independence is inspiring for children. Merida makes a few mistakes (trusting a witch) and has to be brave to undo a curse. There are lessons to be learned for kids and fun to be had! Pixar did a great job making the lead role of the movie a strong young girl! Opened June 22, Rated PG

The Amazing Spiderman

I love a quirky and adventurous  superhero movie! Probably one of my favorite types of movie. Andrew Garfield plays a very cute and very smart Peter Parker. You see yourself falling in love with his boyish good looks and his sincere heart. This movie is starting the Spiderman series from the beginning, tell the story in a new and fun way. Older kids would love to see this movie! Opened July 3, Rated PG-13

Katy Perry: Part of Me

Young girls love Katy Perry and her extreme girly-girl ways! This movie documents Katy Perry’s rise to the top and that can be inspiring for many young girls who look up to her. The tagline of the movie is “Be yourself and you can be anything.” I think that is pretty inspirational! Opened July 6, Rated PG

Ice Age Continental Drift Movie

(Photo Credit: imdb.com)

Ice Age: Continental Drift

This is another really fun series for kids! I know I’m looking forward to it coming out! Again, if your kids haven’t seen the previous movies rent them and watch them before going out to see “Ice Age: Continental Drift”. Your kids will sure be in for some adventure and fun. Opened July 13, Rated PG

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

This one has a bit of rude humor, but you know the maturity of your own children. This is a series about growing up. Boys and girls love it. The bonus is that maybe they will want to do some summer reading and have you pick up the book! Or just get the book series and surprise them! Opens August 3, Rated PG

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Disney never disappoints! They have created a magical and touching story of a childless couple who put all their wishes for a baby in a box and they magically find Timothy. We learn how magical a child can be through this story that the whole family can enjoy. Opens August 15, Rated PG

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure movie

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This is a quirky, almost scary, kids movie. It is probably better suited for older kids. It’s a movie about a boy who can speak with the dead. There is adventure in the movie as Norman fights off all kinds of creatures to save his town from a curse. Opens August 17, Rated PG

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

This is a fun and simple movie for young kids! It is an interactive movie, which is pretty exciting for kids because they are instructed to get up and dance and sing! I think I might have to take my music-loving almost two-year -ld to see this cute movie! It follows the journey the Oogieloves take to find their lost magic balloons in time for a birthday party! Opens August 29, Rated G

What movies are you planning on taking your kids to this summer? What are your thoughts on some that you’ve already seen? Hope you all grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!






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