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Stephen Mikhail is a 23 year old Fashion Designer from New York City and Creative Director/Founder of the Stephen Mikhail brand. By the age of 20, Stephen already had experience working for six designers including the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and Alexander McQueen. He has served as a creative consultant for the branding departments of multiple retailers. With a growing celebrity following, the Stephen Mikhail brand is quickly growing across the country and soon, as he plans, around the world.

Lauren Rae Levy: Celebrity Stylist And Fashion Guru

Photo: Demis Maryannakis

For those of you who don’t know the name Lauren Rae Levy, or LRL as she’s so aptly named, you soon will. The 29-year-old Montvale, N.J. born, Manhattan native is one of the top celebrity/fashion stylists in the country, soon to be the world.

With a musical background and a degree in theatre and the performing arts, she was never a stranger to the business. She comes from supportive, successful parents who instilled in her the drive to succeed and the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect. Lauren is one of the most effervescent personalities on the Manhattan social scene with a slew of familiar faces as clients. She is constantly traveling the world for work, discovering new places to spread her vision of impeccable taste and style. Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Turkey are all places she has made an impact and the list grows on a regular basis.

LRL’s unique ability to transform looks is why she soars above all the other stylists out there. She can go from Pat Benatar to Grace Kelly in a heartbeat. Photographers can’t get enough of her; if she’s at an event, everyone wants to take her photo. Magazines regularly feature her style hints and tips and she is quite a fixture in the weeklies.

LRL and Shanae Grimes

With a distinct refinement paired with a glam rock attitude, everyone is always clamoring to see what she is wearing and what she is putting her clients in. Lauren’s personal collection of clothes, accessories and shoes is one women dream of. She collects vintage gowns, ancient jewelry and other fascinating finds from across the globe, styling them with current fashion from houses like Chanel (one of her favorites) and many others.

She covets the most precious things, but is in no way materialistic. She appreciates every story, detail and aspect of the treasures she stumbles across. Her take on style goes beyond the realm of fashion–a rarity. The more interesting the story behind the piece, the more she loves it.

One of her most recent finds I loved was a brooch created from a vintage Absinthe spoon, worn by Rock of Ages star Constantine Maroulis on the red carpet at the Tony’s. When visiting her home, fresh off the plane from Thailand, stunning Thai jewelry was sprawled across the coffee table. A pendant in aged metal encrusted in raw ruby was a showstopper, not to mention being hundreds of years old. I don’t know many people who can wear such a piece and do it justice as she can.

Her vision is unrivaled by her competitors and she is not even 30-years-old. Needless to say, she’s at the top of her game with no signs of slowing. Watch out for her, I guarantee you’ll be impressed.

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