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Tips For Hosting A Party

At one point in our lives, it seems like we are called upon to host for a larger gathering. Without the right preparation, a seemingly fun family reunion barbecue or a large backyard party can turn into a nightmare. When throwing a bash for larger groups, whether it be for the 4thof July or any other event, keep the following tips in mind.

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Think of food allergies and be nice to the vegetarians. Planning to have a variety of options for a variety of palettes in order to appeal to the widest amount of people will the largest percentage of your guests happy. Consider the texture and type of food, especially if you have elderly guests who might not be able to chew crunchier foods.

In my opinion, you should always include a vegetarian option, because even if no vegetarians show up, any who do will be very excited that you have considered them. For every meat item on your menu, be assured that there is a vegetarian substitute for it. You may also be aware of guests who have severe allergies, and try to prepare dishes that are allergen free for them.

A great option for vegans, vegetarians, and those who are gluten intolerant is hummus. A delightful snack option or a filling meal when paired with a carbohydrate like carrots or pita, Hummus can add life to your gathering, and will please everyone. 

Make sure that there are a variety of areas to hang out and sit. If you have a small space,  consider hosting on a rooftop, park, or community garden. It can be awkward to cram everyone into a small room, especially for casual summer gatherings. If your guests have options of seating and standing areas, or outdoor and indoor areas, it really helps lighten the mood and can help them feel more comfortable mingling.

Consider small plates or appetizers, and if you are adventurous, try a potluck. Asking guests to bring their favorite appetizers or desserts if you are grilling out and providing the main course can be exciting and surprising. You will want to provide one appetizer and dessert yourself, but seeing what other people bring can really spice up your occasion.

Make introductions when you are able to. If you are hosting a large gathering, it could be possible that some of your guests don’t know each other yet. While they can also introduce themselves, if you know that certain guests should meet, it is good etiquette to introduce them to each other with details about each person.

Double check the day before your party that you have all the flatware and cutlery you will need to accommodate your guests. You may consider using compostable paper plates or compostable cutlery, so that you do not have to was tons of dishes after the event, but also to make the least impact possible from the waste.

If you plan ahead for your large gathering, everything will go more smoothly. Keeping these tips in mind should help ease your mind. That being said, nothing makes a party like a relaxed and happy host, so kick back during the festivities and have a sangria with your guests.

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