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Baby Proofing Must Haves And Tips

Photo Credit: www.safety1st.com

Keeping your child safe is probably the most important thing on your mind. When your infant starts crawling you become aware of all the potential danger zones in your home. Children tend to be very curious and very fearless. Climbing chairs, coffee tables, and playing with anything electrical is their favorite pastime. On the hit TV show One Tree Hill, they prepare for a baby and have a “baby proofer” come to the house. He walks in with cabinet locks strapped to his tool belt and with a clipboard in hand. He mentions all the “PBI’s” (Possible Baby Injuries) in the home and the mommy-to-be is shocked! As silly as it might seem, you are the “baby proofer” in your home, so grab a clipboard and follow this list to help you limit the “PBI’s” in your home.

I like to keep things simple; I don’t think you need every safety gadget in the world or even that are  top of the line. The simple, less expensive gadgets do the job, too. My go-to brand for baby-proofing is Safety 1st; their products are inexpensive and reliable.

Here are my babyproofing must haves:

  • Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock: I’m not big on drilling holes in my kitchen cabinets and I know the adhesive strips don’t really stick. These are so easy to slip on and off. I’ve tried other ones and I think they’ve parent-proofed similar kinds. I want to keep my kids out of the cabinets, not me. These are my favorite cabinet locks for the kitchen.
  • Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover: This is great to have in the bathtub. It allows my son to stand up in the bathtub without bumping his head on the spout. It also prevents him from pulling the shower diverter.
  • Safety 1st Secure Press Plug Protectors: These help keep little fingers out of danger. I always keep a few in my diaper bag for hotel stays and visits to a friend’s house.
  • Summer Infant Sure & Secure Custom Fit Super Wide Walk Thru Safety Gate: I use my dining room as a playroom and I need to block off a large opening. This gate is perfect for that space! It goes up to 12-feet.
  • Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate: I use two of these at my house, and one at each grandparents’ house. These are perfect for quickly blocking off a certain area of the house. If I want my son out of the kitchen I just quickly click it into place; if I want to block off stairs it’s also perfect. I didn’t screw these in place; I like the flexibility of being able to remove the gate.
  • Prince Lionheart Corner Guards: Perfect for coffee tables, dining tables, and brick fireplace surrounds. Helps avoid PBI’s.
  • Safety 1st Window Blind Cord Wind-Ups: These are especially necessary in the nursery if your child’s window is near his crib. Keep dangerous cords out of reach with this easy to use device.

    Photo Credit: www.giggle.com

Babyproofing tips:

  • Start baby proofing your home before your child begins to crawl. You will be surprised how quickly they learn how to get themselves into dangerous situations.
  • Get down on your hands and knees and look at the world as they can see it. You’ll get a better understanding of all the PBI’s.
  • Always test toys and other things around the house with the toilet paper roll theory. If the toy is small enough to go through the cardboard toilet paper roll then it is most likely a chocking hazard and should be out of reach.
  • Limit their access to certain rooms in the house. I always keep certain doors locked if I know my son is going to be roaming the house freely. I feel safer when I know his access is limited.
  • Keep medicine and dangerous cleaning supplies out of reach and locked away. You can never be too safe with this one.

Babies are accident prone, it is in their nature to “weeble wobble.” You just have to do your best to prevent accidents in your home. My biggest tip, if there is anything you take from this, is to keep a close eye on your kids! It is always easy to take for granted how independent our little ones can be, especially when we’ve baby proofed our homes. Don’t let that confidence take away from your constant supervision. Stay on top of the safety in your home as your children get older. If you can’t baby proof your entire home, at least set aside one area of your home that is completely safe for them to do as they please. Providing a safe environment for your kids makes them happy because they aren’t being redirected every two seconds. Their safety is for your peace of mind and for their happiness!


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