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Review Of Womanthology: Heroic, An Epic Graphic Novel Anthology To Benefit Global Giving Foundation

The story behind Womanthology: Heroic, an epic graphic novel anthology dedicated to the creations of women, is just as interesting as the book itself. It all started on Twitter; when editor Renae de Liz posted an inquiry on the social networking site introducing the project and asking if anyone would be interested in helping out, the response was overwhelming.


Photo Credit: bn.com

Interested parties got started right away, and a Kickstarter campaign was begun to cover printing costs, allowing a community to grow up around the project. By the time it was published, thousands of people were already invested in the book.  Plus, all proceeds from the sale of Heroic went to The Global Giving Foundation, an organization that helps smaller charities get funding.

The result was a 321 page masterpiece, including over 100 stories split into five sections. Ownership varies as much as content: while some pieces are completely the creation of one person, many are made by teams of writers and artists working together for the first time — some working in comics for the first time. Stories, meanwhile, range from a tales of superheroes and supernaturals, to superhero lookalikes and regular girls who learn how to defend themselves or stand up for others.

All the stories somehow embrace the concept “heroic,” the theme of the book, but with completely different results. Besides the awesome stories, the book also includes information about all contributors, profiles of women in comics and how-to guides on topics like writing, inking, and lettering, among others.

All this means that Womathology is a great resource for aspiring comics writers and artists, as well as a celebration of women in comics, and an entertaining, often moving and thought provoking, read.

Want more information? Check out Womanthology’s website for more information on Heroic or future projects (and there are future projects!) or visit the Global Giving Foundation for more information about what they do and how you can support them.

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