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Three Top Makeup Artists Discuss Summer Makeup In Dallas

Trish McEvoy celebrity makeup artist. Photo Credit Faceblog

Dallas loves color, and whether you wear makeup 0r not, everyone, in my humble opinion,  needs a little color.  Makeup has away of brightening your face, making you smile, and can lift your spirits when you are down.  It adds a little glamour in a world that can seem dazed and chaotic.  Makeup has away of bringing women together and making us all feel beautiful.

I sat down with three makeup professionals to get their opinion on  summer makeup.  Some of the trends seem hard to achieve, but, don’t fret ladies, the experts have come to the rescue.  I have had the pleasure of working with all these artists at least once and some work their magic on my face more than others, but they all have different techniques, tips, and tricks to help you achieve your perfect summer look.  Here’s a Miss A Dallas dream team of makeup artists: TiffIny Luong with Motives Cosemetics by Loren Ridinger, Trish McEvoy from Trish McEvoy Cosmetics, and Marisela Garza with Glo Minerals Cosemetics from the Hair Bar in Southlake.


 Brandy Voirin: “One item you would recommend women buy for summer?”

Tiffiny creating work. Photo Credit:Team Motives

Tiffiny Luong:   “I would recommend everyone buy at least one great lipgloss and eyeliner.”
Trish McEvoy:  “Skincare is the first step to beautiful makeup which needs to be followed with a great foundation. I recommend our Gentle Cleansing Wash, it’s gentle enough for anyone and leaves your face luminous.”
Marisela Garza:” The Powder Cheek Stain from Glo Minerals which has a vibrant long lasting color.”

Gentle Cleansing Wash. Photo Courtesy of Trish McEvoy

BV: What product do you recommend women start with to create a summer look?

(TL):  I love the Motives Destination Beauty Compact Spring/Summer 2012 is a fantastic compact featuring four silky smooth eye shadows that are sure to be just as sexy at night as they are during the day.
(TM): I always tell women to start with concealer along with a great shadow for  the eyes. You don’t need fifty products, but you do need between five to ten to achieve that fresh face look.
(MG): ” A great foundation is the framework for a great face. Start there and you will always look your best.”

Glo Minerals Makeup from the Hair Bar in Southlake. Photo Credit Thomas Garza Photography

BV: Could you recommend one summer trend?
(TL): I love the Miami Glow Bronzer form Motives cosmetics and Magenta  lipstick
(TM): I would recommend a strong pink cheek to go with a sun kissed faced.
(MG):” One of my favorite summer trends is the flushed and rosy check look. It’s a summer trend to go with nude, flawless, and  luminescent skin

Tiffiny Luong and LaLa Anthony Photo Credit Tiffiny Luong

BV: Do you have any makeup secrets you would like to share?
(TL): “Everyone should use a setting spray product called 10 Years Younger before applying makeup. It will keep your makeup looking fresh and keep it in place all day long. It’s one of my best kept secrets.”
(TM): “I always recommend lining the top and  bottom lash with a lash pencil it really opens up the eyes. You  also should always use an eyelash curler and blend, blend and blend some more. I teach my clients in my master classes how to do their makeup in fifteen minutes or forty-five minutes if you have the time. Either way, with the right products you can be out the door in fifteen minutes.”
BV: Name one thing women need to do better with their makeup?

Trish McEvoy Summer Collection Photo Credit trishmcevoy.com

(TL):  “You must have the perfect foundation. I have bought makeup from the drugstore, but for foundation you really need a custom blend sold by a makeup professional. When your foundation doesn’t match it is very noticeable.”
(TM): “Blend, blend, blend, and blend some more to get the most out of your makeup. Your face is like a painting and you need to keep blending to get the best result.”
(MG): “I constantly see women matching their makeup with their clothing. Don’t match your makeup to your clothing.  I recommend using a color wheel when choosing a color that is opposite of what you are wearing or opposite of your eye color. For example, a blue dress is paired nicely with orange/yellow tones, as they are opposite colors of blue on the color wheel. You can find a color wheel here.”
For more information on the makeup lines and artists we discussed  please visit the links below. All the products mentioned can be purchased right here in the Dallas – Fort Worth area or online at the respective company websites.
For more from Trish McEvoy, visit here.
For more Tiffiny Luong, visit here.
For more Marisela Garza, visit here.

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