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Date Your Mate Month Ideas

May is “Date Your Mate Month.” It seems like a silly “holiday,” but it’s a great reminder for couples. Sometimes we all need a little push towards spending time with our partners. Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 8 year “Proposal Anniversary.” It’s a special day for us, a day we like to remember and celebrate each other. Eight years ago my husband proposed to me at a very special place called Descanso Gardens. My grandparents used to take me there all the time, so the memories are very important to me.

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Our date nights have seemed to improve over the years, especially now with a baby we make even more of an effort to make our time together extra special. We always go all out when we have babysitters, trying to soak up as much free time as we can. We love to try to do things that we don’t get to do too often.

As you think about things you love to do as a couple, here are a few ideas to help you celebrate “Date Your Mate Month.” Keep in mind to check your local community college’s coursebook for enrichment classes where they may offer many of the ideas I have listed.

1. Cooking Classes: Find a place where you can go to a cooking class or technique class to spend some time together learning how to put together a special meal. Williams-Sonoma offers such classes to help keep things spicy in your relationship.

2. Dance Classes: Nothing like music and close proximity to get a couple in-tune. You can sign up for a couple class so you know that you have the same date at the same time each week. If it is scheduled and paid for, it will be more important for the both of you to keep the date.

3. Mini Golf: My husband and I love playing mini golf. It allows us to feel like we’re kids again.

4. Play Pool: Find a local bar that has pool tables, grab some drinks and enjoy a game of pool. This could be fun with some friends or another couple.

5. Jazz Club: It’s always fun to have dinner and listen to some great music.

Photo Credit: www.dailycookie.net

6. Community Playhouse: There can be some great talent at your local community playhouse. Seeing a nice play or a comedy show is a nice change from going to the movies.

7. Museum Special Night Events: The museums in my city always have special after hours events. They usually serve drinks, and depending on the museum, they have great entertainment.

8. Bowling: This is also a great group date event, but it is even more fun as a couple. You have to make sure not to get too competitive though!

As couples get busier and families get bigger, it is harder to have a date with your mate.  So I say, when you actually get the chance to go out, make it count!

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