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Clos-ette Too: Luxury Closet Organization At An Affordable Price

As I started to put away my Fall/Winter clothes and bring out the Spring/Summer pieces, I was in need of a closet makeover. Mismatched hangers, messy piles, and creased clothing left my prized pieces in a disappointing chaotic mess. Clos-ette Too came to the rescue!

Photo Credit: clos-etteoo.com

Founded by the “absolute guru in designing and building custom closets and dressing rooms” Melanie Fascitelli, Clos-ette because a leader in organizational design.  Its prestigious reputation with working with celebrities and prominent clients made national media.  After being recognized as the leader in space by the media, Clos-ette launched a new line called clos-ette too. Clos-ette too offers customers a luxury brand at an affordable price. Launched in Neiman Marcus stores in the United States, the product line offers organization staples such as hangers and travel accessories.

Clos-ette Too’s organization staples are both luxury and efficient. What separates clos-ette too from other retailers is its attention to detail. With its 10 Commandments of Hanging from their book Shop Your Closet, products are offered to make sure you are staying within the rules! The first two are most important:

Thou Shall Hang as Much as Possible in Your Closet

Its signature hangers are not only space savers, but are designed to protect your clothes. Made with special flocked fabric, the Signature Hangers ensure your clothes will not slip off. With its space saving slim profile, rounded shoulders and bars to prevent dents and offer crease-less hanging, these hangers are the luxurious and durable hangers. The signature hangers are offered in different styles such as the Signature Shirt Hanger (set of 10 retails at $14.00), Suit Hanger (set of 10 retails at $28.00), Pant/Skirt Hanger (set of 5retails at $27.00), and Coat Hangers (set of 10 retails at $24.00), I loved the Signature Coat Hangers, as the extra thick cushioning at the ends of the hanger provide durability and extra support for heavy coats.

Photo Credit: clos-ettetoo.com

Thou Shall Not Hang Sweaters

Honoring the rule is key, as it helps keep your favorite cozy sweater’s shape and size intact. With simple accessories such as the Scented Folding Boards (Set of 5, $42.00) and their Acrylic Shelf Divider (Set of 4, 54.00), you won’t have to worry about a stretched out sweater come Fall!

Scented Folding Boards (Set of 5, $42.00)

Who knew that something so simple would be such a mandatory staple in your wardrobe organization? I didn’t know what I was missing until I was organizing the Winter Sweaters. Scented in either cedar or lavender options, these folding boards keep your clothes smelling fresh and its form stacked.

Scented Folding Boards (www.clos-ettetoo.com)


Acrylic Shelf Divider (Set of 4, 54.00)

Do you ever fold an entire pile of clothes lovingly, only to have it topple over when putting the last item on top? These shelf dividers are both simple and durable. They easily slide onto your standard shelf, and help keep your piles in place.

After Spring Cleaning your Closet, don’t forget about your accessories. Clos-ette too is most recognized for its Jewelry Case Design. Like the Signature Hangers, it is both durable and protective. The style is sleek  and chic, spill proof on the outside, and compact. Made out of faux suede, the interior pages offer ring and earring holder options, along with individual zipper compartments.  Available in a variety of colors and retailing at an affordable $50.00, this “Birkin” of Jewelry Cases, makes a great gift option! Don’t forget to buy extra inserts (set of 3 inserts, $19.00)!

The "Birkin" of Jewelry Cases (clos-ettetoo.com)

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