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Scandal: ABC’s Newest Political Drama

Warning: If you love Grey’s Anatomy and/or Private Practice, you will be extremely biased toward thinking this show is awesome.

“Scandal” is the new sophisticated, poetic and political drama that premiered as a mid-season replacement on ABC. Go ahead and pencil 260 minutes of free time into your busy schedule to catch up on Shonda Rhimes’ newest creation before the season finale, this Thursday, May 17.

Photo Credit: disneydreaming.com

With only two episodes left, Rhimes has managed to deliver an intricate show that takes us on the emotional roller coaster she rightfully displays in her logo following the credits.

The beautiful Kerry Washington has blown critics away with her lovely and nothing less than expected performance as Olivia Pope, the former White House press secretary. Inspired by the real life of Judy Smith, who acts as the show’s co-executive producer, we get to witness the event-filled life of a crises management guru.

And what is truly beautiful is that “Scandal” is the first dramatic network television series written and produced by an African-American woman with an African-American lead actress. Kerry Washington’s performance makes you fall in love almost immediately with our Olivia Pope. She is fearless and tough, yet vulnerable and understanding. “Scandal” showcases a lot of smart, strong women characters and I believe many young girls will find themselves wanting to pursue a career like theirs.

Washington’s character leads a team of loyal employees, with secrets and complexities of their own, all of whom would fight to death for her because of what she has done for them.

The show begins with a lowly intern-like character finally getting her chance to work alongside the infamous Pope, we are then taken for a ride learning about the practice as she learns, or feels her way around. While she makes a few mistakes that frustrate the audience, we can trust Olivia’s judgment and know the new girl will have a lot to offer.

The character development is amazing and with the numerous shots through glass and displaying reflections, I foresee a lot of broken personalities, misrepresentation and suspense. A lot of people aren’t who they say they are, but don’t worry, “dirty little secrets always come out.” Scandalous!

The music sets the stage as plots unfold to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield and Johnnie Taylor to name a few. The soundtrack has attitude and soul like Pope and her team.

The show is Law and Order meets… whatever your favorite drama is, and you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you missed out on becoming a weekly viewer.

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