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Amber Stiles is currently a Stay-at-Home-Mother of two beautiful girls. She is a recovering mommy blogger who started her journey in 2009 when her first daughter was born and she needed a place to commiserate. She took some time off, and changed a few sites but is back at home on her original family blog, Backwards Life. Amber was born in the Deep South but considers herself a New Jersey native. Over the past few years she has learned to take it easy on herself and other parents. Amber believes it’s important to share your ideas, shortcomings, and successes with those around you. She’s grown into her own as a mother and is now ready to share her abilities with the masses.

Why Moms Blog

Why start a blog?  Well, I started my blog, Backwards Life, after my first daughter was born. I had been writing online in some fashion since I was 19, but those had all been private accounts on services like LiveJournal.  Once I had a baby to talk about 24/7, I decided to start a dedicated site for my journey through parenthood.

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Connecting Online

I wanted to connect with other moms. Sometimes I needed tips, a virtual shoulder to cry on, and inspiring words to get me through a tumultuous period. Some people may not believe that an internet friendship can be real. I say the exact opposite. My online friends know more about me than most people I know in the real world.  It’s easier to be open and honest when you’re sitting behind a computer screen. The women I interact with through my computer are just as real to me as those I can see in person.

It wasn’t always easy creating relationships online. How do you find other blogs to read? How do you chat with other moms in real time when you REALLY need an open “ear”? For the most part, I turned to Twitter and Facebook to spread my own words and to find new blogs to read and ladies to chat with. These services allow you to grow your readership while interacting on a more personal level than merely posting blog comments.

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Meeting In Real Life

I’m not always satisfied with keeping my friends inside of my computer. Once in a while, I’ll drive to meet up with a few local bloggers (or not so local in some cases). If you want to meet up with your cronies on a grander scale, a Blogging Conference is the way to go. I attended BlogHer in 2010 and it was AMAZING. I met and hugged some of my favorite writers.  I had a drink with my twitter BFF’s. I cried with new bloggy buddies. It just so happens that I’ll be attending Bloggy Boot Camp next weekend and BlogHer this August to do it all over again.

Start Your Own Blog

Now that your interest is piqued, you might want to know how to start connecting with other moms and women all over the blogosphere. Well, you should start your own blog. Check out free platforms like Blogger or WordPress, choose a user name, and get writing. One tip I would offer is to buy your domain name so you don’t have to worry about someone else having your name some time down the road. It’s a few dollars a month, but it secures your URL and blog name in the long run.

So do you think you’d like to share your experiences in child-rearing and life with the rest of the world? Do you already write a blog and want to share your take on it with us?

Just for fun, here are the top reasons moms blog. :-)

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