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Hot Braid Hairstyles And Updos For Spring/Summer 2012

Braids have always been a reliable hair technique, but in recent years, the many new and upgraded styles have taken them to Glam status. From the runways of New York Fashion Week to any college campus, plaits are no longer just for little girls. They can be cool and trendy, elegant and ladylike, or carefree yet stylish. Whether you have straight hair or highly textured, braids can be worn by all. Here are 8 awesome braid styles you can do yourself (click the hyperlinked braid style for a tutorial) and wear for any occasion this season and beyond.


Photo Credit: bforbel.com

The classic bun can be either casual or dressy and these two styles follow suit. The Reverse French Braid Bun combines the elegance of the French braid with the adorableness of a full doughnut bun. I can’t think of a better hairstyle for those hot days when you just want to get your hair out of the way and off your neck yet still look casual and cute.

Photo Credit: weddingbycolor.com & flickr.com

The Braided Bun is another braid/bun style that explains itself. You can either wrap a large braid around a bun or create a bun shape with a braided ponytail (you can always use a braided phony pony piece if you need the length), either way it can be as sleek or messy as you’d like. For a rooftop party, elegant summer soiree, or fancy charity dinner event, this style is perfect.


Photo Credit: allwomenstalk.com & tumblr.com

The ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles of them all and here are two fun braided versions to upgrade the ‘do. The Fishtail Braid just might be the “breakout” braid style of the last couple of years and rightfully so. For as intricate and detailed as it appears, it’s not difficult to achieve. And there’s no more appropriate style to wear to the beach or while lounging by the pool this summer.

Photo Credit: abellepaillette.com & tumblr.com

The High Braid Ponytail is probably the easiest style to do. If you know how to create a loose braid, you’re more than half way there. This style is all about where the base of the braid is placed – at the crown of the head. For all you thick, long-haired ladies out there, this is a great style to break up the monotony of long, one-length hair. (And imagine the effortless waves you’ll be left with when you undo the braid!)


Photo Credit: myheartistry.com & fashioncraz.com

Who needs a headband when you have these braided hairstyles? The Milkmaid Braid (tutorial for short hair) is an updo style perfect for bad hair days, and it’s a cinch to do. Instead of covering up with a hat, just wrap two pigtails around both sides of your head for a simple and feminine ‘do. You can also add a printed scarf to your braids or leave strands out in the front for a soft, boho look.

Photo Credit: tumblr.com & globalgrind.com

Very few braided hairstyles are cooler than Side Cornrows, and what’s great about them is they’re easy to achieve on both short and long hair (and of course any length in between), as well as all hair types. If you can’t commit to a mohawk but have always wanted the look, you can easily braid a few cornrows on both sides of your head (“braidhawk”) for that rocker edge. This is a perfect night-out-with-the-girls braid style.


Photo Credit: tumblr.com & waterfallbraid.com

There are so many braid styles you can achieve with the classic French braid and here are two trend-setting ones. The Waterfall Braid is a romantic style for all occasions and hair types. Embellish this cascading French braid style with a beautiful flower accessory for a girly, sweet look.

Photo Credit: thirstyroots.com & youtube.com

The Sweeping Braid Fringe is a fun twist on the basic front braid. If you’re growing out your bangs, this is a good braid style to get through that awkward stage where they’re too long to wear as is but too short to tuck away in a ponytail. Easy solution, chic ‘do.

What’s your favorite braid style on the list? What are your to-go braid ‘dos?

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