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Alice Astourian is the Family Editor for Miss A. She is a very happy stay at home mom with a 1-year-old son. She has been happily married for almost 7 years. She loves sharing her ideas and adventures with others. She considers herself a savvy shopper, cook/baker, wife, and woman. She has a BA in Social Welfare and has classroom and research experience. She enjoys reading, writing, photography and spending time with her family.

Must-Haves For Your Baby Registry

I had an amazing experience registering at Giggle. The team at Giggle became my best friends and of course the quality of their products were exactly what I was looking for. When my mom and my mother in law went with me to register for things for my baby shower, they were confused at how many gadgets existed now for all things baby. They kept trying to convince me that some things were unnecessary. Thankfully, I’m a very smart shopper, and I could just tell that there were some things that I didn’t need. There were also lots of things that I knew I, I mean my baby, couldn’t live without (I soon realized that all the things made for babies were actually made for the parents to enjoy).

Key things to remember when you’re creating your registry: don’t forget to register for your big-ticket items. Friends and family might want to come together to purchase those big items. Register for the little things as well, like teethers, pacifiers and diaper rash creams. People get creative and make cute gift baskets out of the small things on the registry.  Register for as many things as you can, go trigger happy if you can at the store and online. The benefit is that at the end, after your shower or “event date” you have the chance of getting whatever is left on your registry at a discounted price (most stores I know have this sort of program set up).

Photo Credit:www.thechicbump.com

The Miss A Family Team has come together to give to you the “Baby Registry Must-Haves by Miss A Family.”  Also included are a few don’ts.

1. Furniture

  • Crib, Changing table or dresser. Not everyone feels the need for a changing table, but if you’re like me you are going to want a neat place to put your baby’s things and a dresser/changing table would be perfect for it. One that’s top converts to either is great.
  • Rocker/glider. Helpful for those nights that nothing seems to be helping your little one get to sleep and you are too exhausted to do anything other than rock.  It is also good for feeding/nursing the baby.

2. Linens

  • Receiving blankets and swaddles. Laureen Botticelli from our team recommends a Woombie. She recommends this swaddler over other sleep sacks. Aden + Anais muslin swaddles are perfect for wrapping your baby or tossing one over your stroller in crowds. Melissa Wenzel says that swaddling blankets with Velcro are a must, “because no matter how great you are at swaddling, babies will escape.”
  • Crib sheets. You should have at least three. Always have clean sheets on hand, especially for those late night accidents.

Melissa suggests a breathable bumper from breathablebaby. She advises that both bumpers and sleep positioners are expensive and dangerous.

3. Clothing

  •  Onsies
  • Pajamas. In various sizes.

Amber Stiles from our team cautions that having too many pieces of clothing in Newborn sizes or 0-3 months are useless. She says, “my daughter grew out of it super fast. She had a couple cute outfits for outings in the first 2 months, but mostly kept her in PJ’s or onsies and little pants.  She almost always had a blanket over her. Maybe fancy blankets would be more useful for cute pictures!”

4. Bath and Potty

  • Diapers and wipes.  Obviously a must on your registry! You cannot have enough diapers. Do your research and check your budget. In the end choose what is best for you and your baby. Cloth, organic, or standard diapers.
  • Hooded towels
  • Infant bath tub
  • Potty training chair

The consensus with the Miss A Family Team is that a baby wipe warmer is a big fat NO. Abby Wyatt says, “Definitely don’t waste your money on wipe warmers, your baby will survive if the wipe is luke warm!”

5. Feeding

  • Nursing pillow. If you are nursing you are going to want some support, especially in the beginning few months when it feels so unfamiliar holding and nursing a baby. I used the Boppy and was fond of it while nursing, but especially found it helpful for propping my son up to rest and digest his milk in the upright position. I’ve also used My Brest Friend and it is also super comfortable and easy to use.
  • Breastpump. If you are going to be a serious pumper, I highly recommended a hands free double electric breast pump. I used the  Medela Freestyle Breastpump and definitely got my money’s worth.
  • Bottle-feeding. Make sure you register for a bottle set and some bottlebrushes.
  • High chair
  • Burp cloths. The burpy bib cloths by Aden + Anais are the most amazing and burp cloths that can later be used as a bib.
  • Baby food maker. If you plan on making your own baby food it would be great to have a Baby Bullet or a Beaba to help you make fresh, healthy foods for your little one.
  • itzbeen. This digital baby care timer was a lifesaver as a new mom. Dazed and confused from all the sleepless nights, the itzbeen helped me remember when I had last fed my son (it may sound silly, but it’s totally helpful).

6. Health and Safety

  • Nasal aspirator
  • Thermometer
  • Cool mist humidifier. Melissa reminds us, “With such limited options of treating things like colds and congestion, humidifiers are some of our only options in providing relief for our babies.”
  • Baby monitor. Choose a monitor based on your needs. Video monitors give you that extra peace of mind so that you can keep a close eye on your little one. Basic audio video monitors are useful as well.

7. Gear

Photo Credit:www.Ju-Ju-Be.com

Photo Credit:www.Ju-Ju-Be.com

  • Carseat
  • Stroller
  • Diaper bag. The B.F.F from Ju-Ju-Be is definitely the bag that you want to carry day in and day out. It is very roomy; it has pockets for your every need. I love that you can wear it as a backpack because as a mom with a toddler I need to always have my hands free and be ready to be on the move. It comes in so many fun prints and colors. The exterior fabric is Teflon so you can trust that the messes that come with a baby won’t interfere with your stylish diaper bag.
  • Carrier/sling. Abby and Amber both recommend a Moby Wrap. Abby says, “A new born stillwants to be in the womb and this is the next closest thing!  Also, if you plan to get anything done you might as well plan on doing it with a baby attached to you.” Amber said, “I use a Moby in the house or when visiting with friends. The unstructured design makes it VERY portable, but also makes it easier to sit in.” The ERGObaby was very helpful for me when I went shopping or if I took walks. Amber also uses one and she says, “When I’m out and about the Ergo is a MUST have.”
  • Umbrella stroller

8. Activity/toys

  • Baby bouncer/lounger/swing. Laureen recommends the MamaRoo, “It is a swing, bouncer, rocker all in one with eight different motions,sounds and a dock for your iPod or mp3 player. Also it only takes maybe five minutes to set up and only has one screw, talk about awesome.” Amber swears by a swing, “Kiddos like to sleep with motion.  It’s why they slept in our tummies while we moved around all day and kicked it up into high gear as soon as we laid down.  They like the swaying.”
  • Mobile
  • Infant play mat
  • Bumbo Baby Seat
  • Sophie Giraffe. Probably my son’s favorite teether/toy. He still goes back to it every once in awhile. He loves the squeaky sounds it makes.

I hope you enjoy registering as much as I did. Happy registering!

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