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Cristina Hosmer grew up in the heart of horse country in Middleburg, Virginia. She balances a career in modeling with a passion for horses, all while raising a 5 year old son. Competing as an amateur show jumper, as well as aspiring to become one of the top US women polo players, she still finds time to take care of the things that make her feel good about herself. Cristina believes that beauty is about letting other people know what type of person you are inside, by showing them that positive image of yourself on the outside. Taking the time to keep up with all the new skin care products out there, trying that new hairstyle, as well as finding that just so perfect outfit, all let the world know you care and they should too. Cristina writes about things that not only make you look beautiful but also the experiences that make you feel beautiful. If you have a beauty brand, product, store or topic you would like covered by Miss A, please contact Cristina at chosmerpipes@gmail.com.

Anti-Aging And Brightening Serums

For years I’ve struggled to find the right skin care regimen to balance my combination skin. I can be oily one day and dry the next. My skin is heavily exposed to the elements year round because I am a full time equestrian. From sweating in the hot summer sun to the cold wind of winter my skin is put to the test. From face wash, to toner, to cream…nothing ever balanced my skin’s texture until I tried a serum. I personally prefer a serum to a cream now and forever.

Photo Credit: Chanel

Serums are highly concentrated, lightweight, and provide instant moisture. Because the molecules of a serum are smaller than the molecules of a cream, serums are able provide more nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin, increasing cell turnover, and boost skin tone. Serums are also typically lighter and silkier in texture compared to a cream.  You can use both a cream and a serum but it’s not necessary.  Serums are to be applied twice a day after a toner and before a cream if you do decide to use both. There are several types of serums available.  The two most common are anti-aging and brightening serums.

Photo Credit: La Mer

Anti-aging serums are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and peptides. All of which produce or stimulate collagen, which is lost as we age leaving us with wrinkles.  Peptides, proven as effective as retinol without the downtime, are the newest ingredient in serum but because it so costly it is only found in higher-end serums. Anti-aging serums like La Mer Regenerating Serum ($260), Obagi Pro-C 20% ($56), and Chanel Precision Hydramax Serum($82) are worth the splurge! You know you will get the proper ingredients to reverse or protect against aging. Drug store brands still are proven to work but do not include some of the ingredients that make premium serums so effective.

Photo Credit: Shiseido

Want that beautiful glowing healthy skin? Brightening serums contain illuminating skin tone correctors and antioxidants that diminish dull skin allowing it to reflect light, which leave your skin looking more youthful. This serum is best for dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Brightening serum is also proven to help with rosacea, sun damage, and post-acne scars.  La Mer’s Radiant Serum ($250) has worked wonders on my uneven skin tone from years of sun damage. Shiseido also has an amazing radiant serum called White Lucent ($120) often known as “miracle in a tube”.  A new release in the brightening serum world is StriVectins Get Even Brightening Serum ($89) has produced results of almost 50% improvement in skin tone, radiance, and pigment intensity.

From the grocery store to the dance floor I constantly get comments of how flawless my skin is. I wasn’t born with it, I just use a good serum. Great skin starts before you apply makeup.

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