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5 Workouts In Dallas – Fort Worth Area to Get You Bikini Ready For Summer

Pure Barre Southlake Texas

Summer is only a short 5 weeks away, and it’s time for all of us to finish what we started. We all want perfectly toned abs, butt, and arms for summer, right?  Well it’s time to step up your workouts ASAP. The time has come to do away with your cardigans, and get ready for a sleeveless summer.  In a quest to help Miss A readers, and myself get into Bikini ready shape, we decided to take on this challenge.  The challenge took place over two weeks and everyone who participated has been thrilled with their results. In all, we tried seven workouts and here are my five favorites.  These favorites will help you avoid the boredom  associated with toning your butt, and help you achieve that ever-so desired smaller waistline. I am not ready to hit the beach just yet, but I am confident that I will be soon.

1. Zumba @ 24 Hour Fitness Dallas

Zumba is currently one of the hottest and most popular group fitness classes out there.  A combination of dance-inspired movements, cardiovascular activity and fun Latin music, the class feels more like a high energy dance party than a rigid workout.  Zumba is great for people of all fitness levels – both seasoned fitness enthusiasts and those who have never set foot in a gym can obtain a challenging workout from the class.  Because it’s so popular, Zumba classes can be found at practically every gym. I tried 24 hour fitness, and went 3 times a week.  I loved Zumba because it was fun, and I didn’t feel like I was working out.  Overall, I lost 1lb after six classes. To find a class near you, check out Zumba’s official website.

Price:  $15 a class at most dance studios. To sample a free 3-day membership (non-members),  at 24 Hour Fitness click the link here


2.  Personal TrainingKoko FitClub Heritage Trace, Fort Worth

Koko Smart Trainer Photo Credit Koko FitClub Southlake, Texas

Wish there was a better way to get in shape?  Now there is.  No more wasted time or boredom.  I was not so sure about Koko, but now that I have tried it, I LOVE it.  I don’t have a lot of time, and in 30 minutes, Koko gave me an EXCELLENT workout.  Koko is a terrific fusion of advanced technology and world class personal training.  The Koko Smart Training system removes all the obstacles that can keep you from achieving your fitness goals.  Their patented system customizes each workout to your stated fitness level and personal goals. The Koko system explains each workout, demonstrates, guides and coaches you, to achieve optimal movement each step of the way.  There is also staff present to help if you wind up needing assistance, and they also have an after hours key that you can purchase if you have a crazy schedule like mine.  One thing I did love about Koko was if I needed to workout during the daylight hours, it was never too busy. I visited the Keller, Southlake, and Ft. Worth locations and there was always a machine available.

Price : Ranges from $69 to $119 a month

For AskMissA Dallas readers Koko FitClub will be offering a complimentary session and your first month FREE when signing an annual agreement. First month free special only valid at Southlake, Keller and Fort Worth Locations

Click here to set up your complimentary session

3. Kickboxing@ Local Universities or Colleges

Photo Credit kickboxing.com

A friend of mine told me about this sweet deal. If your local college  or university has a Continuing Education program it is common that they offer a variety of fitness classes.  We looked into several and found that they have kickboxing (and other fitness) classes that meet for two or three days a week for 6, 12, or 14 weeks and only cost between $35 and $85 a semester. Prices vary at each college, but still worth taking a look into. I tried Tarrant County College District Northwest campus with instructor Ryan Stewart and boy did I get a workout. If you’re looking to try something high impact, and up your cardio then add Kickboxing as a great option. Expect to spend a good portion of the class focusing on various punches and also different kinds of kicks. Not only is kickboxing an intense cardio workout, it’s also good for toning your muscles. The punches you do throughout class will help you to sculpt your arms, and the kicking portion will help define your legs and behind. Overall I lost 2 inches in my waist, and improved my  overall cardio fitness level. The classes at Tarrant County College were 70 minutes long and summer classes are two hours long.

Price: $ 35- $85 for 16 weeks attending class, twice per week

4. Ballet/Pilates@ Pure Barre Southlake 

Pure Barre, Southlake TX

I used to drive forty-five minutes to Dallas every other Sunday to do a similar ballet – pilates inspired workout. I am so glad  Pure Barre has finally made it to Southlake.  Pure Barre has been done by countless celebrities, and has been credited for getting new moms back in shape.  Where was this class 2 years ago when I had my darling Sebastian?  The Pure Barre’s ballet style workout was one of my favorites in this challenge.  It’s the instructor’s duty to leave you with burning thighs and aching abs, however they go beyond that call, empowering their clients to push for that finally rep.  All the instructors smile while they torture every bone in your body.  I felt myself getting summer-ready with every push.  One of the fun things about Pure Barre is that the style focuses on the moves that help you walk with an upright, attractive posture, which is as effective at taming back pain as it is for scoring a date.  You will do countless reps of hip tucking, but trust me, your body will be grateful. I stopped many times during this grueling workout and still got results.  Overall, after four sessions in a two week period, I noticed a BIG difference in my cocktail dresses.  I can’t wait to see my results when I continue this workout on a regular basis.

Price: $22 for a single class or packages start at $105

Pure Barre is also offering a new member special and a range of other programs, for more details, visit the link, here.

5. Spinning @ The Tom Landry Fitness Center in Dallas

Spinning Class www.spinning.com

My girlfriend Chasity, a super busy, multi-tasking attorney, stepped in to try this next workout at The Tom Landry Fitness Center in Dallas.  Spinning is great for those looking to build their endurance and sculpted legs. Spinning is a group fitness class where you spend the entire length of the class on a specially designed stationary bike. Throughout the class you’ll vary your pace. Don’t be intimidated by this class. If you’re new to spinning, the bike will take some getting used to. However, more than any other group fitness class, the intensity of spinning is really up to you. You manually change the settings on your bike, so you can make it as difficult or easy as you’d like. My friend loved spinning so much she goes four times a week, and says it has done wonders for her legs.  She is also pregnant, but after the baby comes she will bounce back in shape in no time.  In a unique setting, the Tom Laundry Fitness Center offers a variety of classes from spinning to aquatics and personal training, to receive a 7 day FREE pass, visit the link here.
I know the next five weeks are going to be tough, so to provide a little motivation, Jamie
Photo Credit Hot Bod Bikinis

Lynne Sooby, owner of Hot Bod Bikinis will be offering  one lucky winner a free designer bikini courtesy of Hot Bod Bikinis .

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