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Originally from South Carolina, Leslie Silver earned her Journalism degree at Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) and moved to the Big Apple right after school. After six years in the city she was ready for a change of lifestyle and weather and made the move to Austin. Leslie works in hospitality public relations and loves to take her experience of trying top-notch clients around the world and using those experiences to critique spas and restaurants all over central Texas.

Leslie is a Huge dog lover, outdoorswoman, avid reader and has a healthy obsession with the show Parks and Recreation. Though living in Austin for less than a year, she’s already experience quite a lot and can’t wait to learn, explore and write about everything she discovers in the next year.

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Zumba, Turbo Kick And Video Dance Classes At Butler Community School At Ballet Austin

The dance classes at the Butler Community School (BCS) at Ballet Austin are a great way to get in a good workout and have a blast doing it!  BCS offers over 60 drop-in classes to the public including courses on ballet, jazz, tap, Zumba, Turbo Kick® and even Videodance (think the best moves from Britney Spears and Beyonce’s music videos).  I’ve tried quite a few and highly recommend Turbo Kick and Videodance.   But hip hop is probably my favorite, and since it’s offered on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons most people can probably go at least once a week.

Hip hop class at Ballet Austin (Photo credit: Ballet Austin)

My hip hop teacher, Boo Ruiz, is also a personal trainer.   So not only does she brings a great dance background to the class, but it’s nice to know that she is paying particular attention to making sure that we are getting a good overall workout.

The class generally starts with a few minutes of warm-up, but of course to go along with the “theme” the warm-up moves are all delightful dance steps.  There are a few slides, dips and turns, and for those that haven’t danced in a while it’s a great way to find your “beat” before moving into something that requires a little bit more skill on the dance floor.

Boo Ruiz, hip hop teacher (Photo Credit: Austin Ballet)

Next, we danced to one song with a few signature moves and took an abs break.  Boo had the class perform 15 sets of 15 different ab moves (think regular crunches, crunches with left leg up, with right leg up, legs crossed in the air, etc.).  The entire process probably didn’t last the length of one full song but I really felt the results the next day and it’s a nice way to divide up your time in between all the dancing.

Finally, it was time to learn the moves to our feature song and dance.  Boo explained that the most popular hip hop styles are either east coast or west coast, but (since we are in the southwest) there is also a “third coast” hip hop style that is a nice combination of the two.  The best rule of thumb if you are not a great dancer and have no idea what you are doing on the hip hop floor or in a club, is to fake it by keeping your legs wide apart and staying low.  It’s a lot easier to blend into the hip hop crowd if you are low to the ground and look the part in your stance.

Austin Ballet exterior (Photo Credit: Leslie Silver)

One of the things I love most about going to a class at Ballet Austin is that you see professional ballerinas performing in a classroom that you were just in the other day for an abs and arms class, and the kid’s classes are just too cute to resist peeking in on while waiting for yours to start!  Plus, you know all of your teachers are extremely professional and developed dancers if they are teaching a class at Ballet Austin.

BCS classes are $17 per class, but there are discounts for purchasing a group of classes.  The most reasonable deal is classes starting at only $11 each when you purchase 40 classes for $440.

Additionally BCS has two great offers right now for first time guests—the first two drop-in classes are only $20 (they both must be used within 31 days of the purchase).  While one month of unlimited drop-in classes are only $99.  This is a really great opportunity to try the array of diverse dance classes, and get in enough hip hop classes to trust your own moves at a club!

Ballet Austin
501 W 3rd Street
Austin, TX 78701
Ph. 512-476-9151

REGISTER FOR CLASSES: See schedule of classes here.

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