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 Miss A Columnist

Melissa Curtin covers charity and style related events and loves to cover LA's best in beauty, fashion, and culture. She is an educator who recently returned to the classroom to motivate and inspire third graders at a private school in Pacific Palisades. In 2012, she launched an educational T-shirt line called Wear2learn. When she is not working out, hiking a canyon, or at the beach, she is writing. Her latest dream come true has been travel writing for Johnny Jet.

After teaching in the Maryland public school system for almost a decade, she left the conservative East Coast environment in Washington, DC for West Coast living. Eager for adventure, inner growth, and a new environment, she packed her car and took to the open road on her own landing in her new home - Hollywood, California. As a Connecticut Yankee at heart, she has now lived in Los Angeles for six years surrounded by the stars.

Melissa graduated from Gettysburg College with a double major in psychology and art history. Soon after, she earned a Master's Degree in education. Melissa traveled around the world on Semester at Sea, and earned a Fulbright Scholarship which enabled her to teach in England. A lust for travel and learning has fueled her globe trotting ever since. Some of her favorite destinations are Costa Rica, Thailand, Fiji, Morocco, Vietnam, Belgium, Italy, Sicily, Prague, Egypt, Australia, Greece, and Paris.

Los Angeles has won over her heart. She is constantly taking advantage of what LA LA Land has to offer - new boutiques and restaurants, finding great deals, discovering new hikes and beaches, music, and West Coast fashion.

The Boomerang Effect At The Odyssey Theatre

Five bedrooms. Five couples. One chain of well-intentioned disasters in this new comedy that peeks under the covers as each couples foibles boomerang into the next in this hilarious, realistic portrayal of couples in the bedroom.

Couple #2 - Actors Will Christoferson and Tiffany Lonsdale (Photo credit: Ed Krieger)

The show starts out in bed and a girl is satisfying her boyfriend for his 25th birthday, despite being angry at his lack of productivity in life and where their relationship is headed. After many fights, they end up in a shocking predicament that she was keeping secret. They decide to work things out and hope that the “boomerang” doesn’t come back and just smack them in the face.

The second scene, which happens to intermingle with the first, portrays another frisky young couple in bed.  The girl in the previous scene is friends with this girl and offered advice to the her about helping her boyfriend not fire the gun so fast.  We see the outrageous scene of a guy trying to take off his girlfriend’s boots with little luck and a girl who can’t stop talking while they are trying to hook up, which is killing the mood. We learn later there is a reason why she is talking – to stall his libido!

The play continues to take us behind the doors and inside the bedroom as a gay couple’s relationship plummets due to one losing his

Couple #3 - Actors Emerson Collins and Jonathan Slavin (Photo credit: Ed Krieger)

job and another starting a relationship with an Asian smarty on Words with Friends.

The fourth scene in bed is a southern belle acting actress Kat Bailess who is absolutely hysterical as her old boss tries to con her into sexual relations for a promotion and all hell breaks lose with his trickery. The old man happens to be the father of the gay man in the scene before.

The final couple continues to carry the audience in absolute hysterics as we see a couple who hooked up by drunken accident. In the morning he has a tie around the his head and the girl is running to the bathroom to puke.  Little does the girl know, she has hooked up with a married man, but gets her just revenge in the end.  The ‘player’ husband has some tricks of his own as he talks his way into getting his necklace back that she is now wearing that was given to him by his wife.  The husband, played by Joel Bryant, recounts a hilarious tale when he was a school boy and how he learned that lying is sometimes useful because it can give someone a second chance.

Couple #5 - Actors Joel Bryant and Liza de Weerd (Photo credit: Ed Krieger)

Some of the over-the-top funny scenes include: the girl biting her boyfriend’s nipple when trying to take his shirt off with her teeth; a gay couple deciding who will spend the night apart in a hotel with a round of Words with Friends; a young Southern working girl slamming her boss’s hands in a labtop and pouring vodka all over it after being sexually duped.  The play also has numerous humorous references to today’s world of Facebook, iPhones, iPads and, of course, Words with Friends.

The witty banter is really well done, and draws on common issues that couples face today.  The quality of the acting also made me really believe the stories of these couples.

This is a perfect play for a date night or just a lot of laughs. As we all know, the bed is where it all happens.  The play reminds us that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, whether it be napping, crawling into bed when tired or sick, sleeping, creating babies, or you know what.  Our beds are our sanctuaries.

The universality of these characters mean they are relevant to all sorts of people and make this play perfect for everyone.  Enjoy this sexy comedy.

Couple #4 - Actors Kat Bailess and Charles Howerton (Photo credit: Ed Krieger)

You will go home refreshed.

“The Boomerang Effect” is written by Matthew Leavit, directed by Dámaso Rodriguez, and produced by Del Shores, Linda Toliver and Gary Guidinger.

WHEN: March 24, 2012  to April 29, 2012.

Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.
Sunday at 2 p.m.


The Odyssey Theatre
2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90025


(Photo credit: www.gofootlights.com)

TICKETS:  Tickets are $20 to $30.
For information or to purchase tickets, click here or call 310-397-3244.


Parking for theatre patrons is directly in front of the theatre and costs $3.  Additional parking is available on nearby streets.




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