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Silly And Fun Activities For Celebrating April Fool’s Day With Children

Need some fun April Fool’s Day pranks to pull with your kids? Help them see your silly side with fun activities, games and tricks.

To Prank….

These can include as simple an idea as gluing quarters to the sidewalk. Then settle down with your kids in an inconspicuous place to watch those who stoop to try picking them up. There are plenty of ideas out there for fun, clean pranks to pull, but be sure to let your kids’ own creative juices flow as they try to think up their own pranks as well.

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…Or Not to Prank

April Fool’s is known mainly for pranks, but if you can’t reconcile teaching your kids to have fun at another’s expense, try making it just a day for all things silly. One idea comes from The Savvy Source:

“Make up a silly rule and do your best to enforce it all day. For example, ‘before leaving the room clap your hands 3 times,’ or ‘instead of saying thank you, say lollipop.’ The sillier the rule, the better.”

Whether you choose to prank, opt for silliness, or a combination of the two, teaching your kids about the history of April Fool’s Day could be an interesting way to prepare for the day. There are plenty of simple work sheets to guide them. Also important, teach them that fun is great, but there is a difference between fun pranks and those bordering on mean.

Speaking of life lessons, make sure that if you are on the receiving end of a prank, you react well; your response and ability to laugh at yourself will be a much more effective teacher than a worksheet on the subject. April Fool’s is a day for fun, laughter, pranks, and silliness; help your kids and yourself enjoy the day and make some memories to laugh about for years to come.

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