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Uncorked Glass: Local, Unique, Eco-friendly Glassware

A large portion of my laundry room is dedicated to recycling, piled with cardboard, aluminum, plastic and glass that has been washed and dried, awaiting a trip to the recycling dumpster. Like many environmentally-conscious people, I think it is important to reuse and recycle when possible. Which is why I was so thrilled when I first heard about The Uncorked Glass Company. The brainchild of owner and curator Daniel Hart, Uncorked Glass handcrafts unique, eco-friendly glassware from recycled wine bottles, donated from local Atlanta restaurants and bars.

“In order to provide the highest quality product possible we take the time to sort through hundreds of bottles per week looking for the perfect weight and color,” Hart said. “I also make sure every bottle has a ‘punt’ or ‘dimple’ in the bottom that give it a unique character all its own.”

(Photo Credit: ecostylesouth.com)

Georgia residents have even more to celebrate in buying locally. Hart says they pick up boxes of wine bottles from Atlanta restaurants like Canoe (Vinings), Blue Ridge Grill (Buckhead), Local 3 (Buckhead), Muss and Turners (Vinings), and Star Provisions. Hart started putting the idea together in January 2011, but has come a very long way in a short amount of time. “After I found out that I was a winner of the Garden and Gun – Made in the South Awards, I knew business was about to pick up, but I didn’t know how much,” Hart recounted. “I will never forget the morning of November 17th, 2011 when the issue hit the stands. Total chaos!”

The success of the company blossomed almost overnight. “I sold around 10,000 glasses in 2011, 8,000 of them being ordered after the [Garden and Gun article] and the press that followed.  I went from breaking bottle after bottle in our upstairs bedroom to being able to produce 1,500 glasses per week in a 3,500 sq. ft. studio.”

The thought that I will, for years, use a glass that has been saved from polluting the planet makes me happy as I sip my non-bottled water. It’s also very unique as a gift idea. Uncorked Glass can even turn wine bottles from an engagement party or rehearsal dinner into the perfect wedding gift.

The glasses come in five colors: clear; tinted clear; gold; green; and amber; and are sold in sets of four.  They come in 12 oz (4”) and 16 oz (5”) sizes. I have a few different sizes, and they look great mixed and matched. My guests always ask about the trademark dimple in the bottom of the glass – it’s a great talking point.

Daniel says he is working on “at least” two new products that will be tested this year using the top half of the bottle, and is confident they are going to be a hit. You can order glasses online at www.uncorkedglass.com or in-store at Star Provisions, 1198 Howell Mill Road. Hart says we will be seeing them in many more stores this year!

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