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Le Faux Show At Julia’s On Broadway In Seattle

Last weekend I was invited to see Le Faux, Seattle’s most established and longest running impersonation show. If you have never heard of this show before, you must look it up immediately. I think it may have been one of the best experiences I have had since moving to Seattle. If you have seen drag impersonation before, or if you are a drag newbie, you will be wowed by this show, and definitely feel the impact of incredible performance at work.

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I expected to have a great time, but was not expecting the level of excellence and professionalism I encountered from the moment I stepped into Julia’s on Broadway, the setting of Le Faux. Not only was I greeted by Lauren, the friendly daughter of the show producers, when I entered Julia’s, but each staff member I encountered was warm, respectful, and attentive. Jeff, my bartender, made sure that I had a drink in my hands when my last one was empty, for example. Now that’s what I call great service!


I was also impressed with the atmosphere and ambiance of Julia’s. The glowing Tiffany lamps, the gilded framed portraits of the impersonators, and the rustic brick walls with modern gold and black accents were exquisite. The antique mirror collection next to the curved oak bar, the fresh flowers, the candle-light, and the polished wood floors created a wonderful atmosphere that made me feel even more at home. I found myself admiring Julia’s as a venue before the show even began.

The signature gold and black Fleur de lis velvet  curtain sets the stage for the quality and the drama of Le Faux. The impersonators were incredible, and the performers were incredibly talented. I was impressed by every one of them, but especially the host of the show, Jinks Monsoon, who mixed comedy with musical talent and kept the audience warmed up between numbers.

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The essence and style of some of my favorite performers was right in front of me during the show, and the performers and dancers of the show brought such a fierceness and flawless execution as I had never seen in a live show. I felt like I was in a mash up of different music videos, from prolific artists like Liza, Cher, and Celine, and some of my favorite contemporary artists like Pink, Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera. Ke$ha was a crowd favorite with bachelorettes and birthday girls. The variety was amazing.

Also impressive was the fact that each performer played at least two characters, and I had no idea while I was watching that some of my favorites, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion, for example, were in fact the same performer. I could not tell you which performer was my favorite, because they were all outstanding (and I am picky). Each time a new artist stepped onto the stage, I felt like I was experiencing front row seats to the most amazing performance I’d ever witnessed.

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The choreography and dancing in Le Faux was simply incredible, and remarkably included cirque du soleil-esque ribbon dancing in many of the numbers. The dancers had such an effervescent energy throughout the entire show, and really made the performers stand out even more. It was difficult to choose who to watch, because each person was doing something incredible and unique the entire time.

Le Faux is fabulous, local, entertaining, hilarious, and will make even the most quiet spectators applaud  with enthusiasm. In my opinion, a ticket to Le Faux is the perfect encore for a night on the town with your friends, and is welcoming to all people with an open mind and a desire for theatricality.

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This unique show is also run by community-minded local resident Karsten and his family, who take care to make sure their guests feel welcome and their dancers remain safe throughout the show. Various charity events are held at Julia’s throughout the year, and Le Faux is open for philanthropic groups to sponsor fundraisers and galas with their show as the centerpiece.

Me, with the fabulous cast of Le Faux

If you are interested in sponsoring an event in the future, you should consider Le Faux. Karsten and his talented partner Eladio have been involved with Le Faux for 7+ years. Eladio both directs and produces this outstanding show, and the camaraderie evidenced by their teamwork and commitment to quality is evidenced in every detail.


The guests at Le Faux are treated like family, with a no-holds bar joke policy and a chance to see thought-provoking and exquisite entertainment at its best. Seattle is truly lucky to have Karsten and Eladio here to bring us Le Faux.

For any questions about the show or to arrange for a fundraiser, contact Karsten at 206 334 0513.

I had a wonderful night, and would definitely recommend Le Faux and Julia’s for visitors and locals. The performance and the venue go on my list as a must see in Seattle!

WHEN: Friday and Saturday Nights – Seats at 9 p.m. and show begins at 10 p.m.


Julia’s on Broadway
300 Broadway E.
Seattle, WA. 98102.
Ph. 206-860-1818

TICKETS: $25-45

Available through Brown Paper Tickets


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