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Me-Ality Body Scan Helps Women Find Right Clothing Size

Me-Ality Kiosk (credit: SeeMoreShopping Blog)

Just when I think that I have heard it all when it comes to the latest and greatest technology, here comes another WOW factor, that I (again) could kick myself for not thinking of before someone else did.  I have lost lots of time in dressing rooms over the years shopping for clothes (especially jeans) that fit perfectly.  The frustration that sets in when something fits in this body region not in my other body region, I cannot believe that I didn’t think of inventing this scanning machine that is changing the way people shop for clothing. If I had a dollar for every minute, I have spent in stores stacking up on clothing to take into the dressing room, only to come out hours later frustrated, I could have built my own celebrity inspired dream closet filled with every label imaginable by now!

Would you step into a machine that scans your entire body to find out exactly what size you wear in a particular store? Well, I have done the research and you can thank me later with a shopping spree, so I may finally  fulfill that dream closet.  Allow me to introduce you to Me-Ality, a revolutionary new technology which enables consumers to find their best fit, within a 10-second full body scan. All you have to do is step (fully clothed, thank God) into a Size Matching Station and stand still while the vertical scanning wand rotates around you. The station contains 196 small antennas that receive low power radio signals, similar to, but 1000 weaker than a typical cell phone emits. Within these few seconds, the signals reflect off the water in the skin and records over 200,000 points of reference from which precise measurements are extracted. But wait, there’s more! After the scan, you will receive a personalized printed shopping guide matching you to clothing brands, styles, prices, and retailers based on your unique and exact body measurements, eliminating the guesswork and frustration associated with shopping for clothes.

Contrary to popular belief, every woman knows there are really no standard sizes when it comes to clothing. Visit my closet, and you are sure to find several different sizes of clothing, not because I am a fashionista in denial about my curves, but thanks to “vanity sizing”, women cannot match their measurements to a consistent dress size, as men’s sizes are usually labeled in inches.

You must know before I recommend anything, it has to be Pam tested and Pam approved, so I actually visited Stonebriar Mall today, assumed the position and received my scan.  After I received my confidential shopping guide, I immediately went to the suggested retailers to try on a few pairs of jeans, and it’s made a believer out of me, so I happily rewarded myself with a few pairs.

As you are now probably ready to grab your keys and head out of the door to find this machine, they can be found at the following locations:

Stonebriar Mall – 2601 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas 75034

Hulen Mall – 400 South Hulen Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76132

Parks of Arlington – 3811 South Cooper Street, Arlington, Texass 76015

Town East Mall – 2063 Town East Mall, Mesquite, Texas 75150

Oops!  I forgot to mention the cost…can you believe it’s just a whopping FREE?







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