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Seattle Symphony Hosts Celebrate Asia Concert At Benaroya Hall

The Seattle area is home to a vast and diverse Asian population–15% of the Seattle population to be exact. Seattle Symphonyhoused at stunning, Benaroya Hall downtown, will soon solemnize this community and it’s rich heritage at Celebrate Asia!, an East-meets-West benefit concert which (now on its fourth consecutive year) began as a project to raise awareness of the classical arts within Seattle’s many Asian communities.

Photo Credit: Celebrate Asia!

This colorful event will have all the regular ingredients you would expect from the orchestra: string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments. What makes this event stand apart, and perhaps one of the most lively parts of the event, is the pre-concert performances which will include Balinese Leging Dancing, traditional music of India by the Seattle Indian Music Academy, Chinese Lion Dance and Okinawan Taiko Drumming–expect booming, transcendent drums that will make you lose sense of your own heart beat. Concert goers will then be led to their seats for performances of new and traditional music from China, Japan, Korea and India, combined with staples of the Western classics performed by conductor Mei-Ann Chen, Jie Ma on the traditional Chinese pipa, violinist HAHN-BIN, and The Cuong Vu Group. In one night attendees will be transported to the East, and that’s what we want from a concert, isn’t it? To be carried to another world, or in this case another part of the world and perhaps become more au fait with numerous Asian cultures in the process.

WHEN: Friday, February 24, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

Benaroya Hall
200 University Street, Downtown
Ph. 206-215-4747

You can purchase tickets online at Seattle Symphony Box Office or contact the ticket office directly at (206) 215-4747. Or by visiting the Ticket Office at the corner of Third Avenue & Union Street; Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm; Sat, 1pm-6pm; 2 hours prior to performances through intermission.

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