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Movies To Beat The Valentine’s Day Blues

There’s nothing like the lover’s favorite holiday to remind a single girl of her current situation. Valentine’s Day can wreak havoc on a woman with no particular guy to turn to. Thankfully, in a city this big, remedies abound. For three years running, this journalist spends February 14 with the most amazing woman in the city: numero uno. One of America’s most popular date ideas is dinner and a movie. While this is often enjoyed in the company of another, dinner still tastes as good alone, and with the right choice, a night at the movies can still be a blockbuster that doesn’t involve tears. The toughest part can sometimes be spotting these right choices in a sea of movies. Here’s a little help.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Photo Credit: style.mtv.com)

As far as high-rated, anti-tear jerker movies go, “Haywire” is a winner. Following a highly trained special operative agent, the story revolves around her attempt to discover the real details behind a double cross that has put her on the radar of every skilled killer in her network. The film features a strong, talented and sexy woman holding her own in what a typical man’s world, not to mention a pretty male face or two. Trade tears for fears with an empowering thriller like this.

Speaking of amazing women, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” premiers another of these ladies. Based on the best selling book by author Stieg Larsson, the film follows a Swedish private investigator enlisted as a research assistant for an outdated and unsolved case. Larsson’s main character, while admittedly unique and odd, is a powerhouse woman who demands respect and asserts her strength. She’s impossible to hate and extremely empowering. Though it strays slightly from the book at times and includes a few significantly graphic scenes, it’s difficult to leave this movie feeling like anything less than a civilian superwoman.

For viewers with a lower tolerance for action and mystery, “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth” offers some relief. Based on the true story of the Pruitt Igoe housing projects in1950’s St. Louis, this documentary conducts interviews and investigations in attempt to show the audience the real experience of living in the housing project immediately prior to its eventual razing. While startling commentary and disturbing truths can’t be ruled out, the likelihood of shedding tears in this art house film is minimal.

Perhaps one of the best movies to seek out is one that shouts a reminder that New York is the center of so much style and fashion. “Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston” may be just that film. Focusing on fashion and nightlife, Ultrasuede follows famed designer, Halston, through the prosperity and sudden decline of his career in fashion and the New York limelight. This documentary may act as an important source of information on a designer who made huge impression on American fashion during his reign, and it certainly seems poised to remind women what really matters in the big city: style.

Valentine’s Day is historically a day for lovers. That will most likely never change; however, in today’s society, and especially in New York City, more and more women (and men too, for that matter) seem to be finding themselves alone on this sainted day. Spending the day alone doesn’t have to end in tears. Make it the best day of the year, regardless of relationship status, and remember that self-love counts too.

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