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Outdoor Kid Activities To Fight Post-Holiday Boredom

Every year, the series of holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day seems to come in a wonderful build-up of excited anticipation. Gifts, parties, and extended-family meals become almost the norm; when one ends, we start to prepare for the next one. 

So what happens when this is over? The kids go back to school, life settles back into the normal routine, and in many regions, the snow that was welcomed as it made it begin “to look a lot like Christmas” is now just sludge to be dealt with.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way. Here are some things you can do with your kids to enjoy the snow instead of just enduring it.

Snow coloring: Take any kind of squeezable bottle, from store-bought to empty, rinsed-out shampoo bottles, and mix water and food coloring. Then let the kids loose to create their own snowy masterpieces.

Snow forts: If you get enough snow, pull out the brick makers, buckets, or just the best gloves and molding techniques. You may need a little water to sprinkle here and there if the snow isn’t quite packable.

Snow mazes: This does not require many inches of snow, but it does need some space. Have the kids survey the yard. Then, using a shovel, broom, or just their feet, they create a path through the yard in whatever pattern they choose. Have them make some lines connect and some dead-end, and designate Start and Finish spots. Then the other kids (or you!) follow the trails until you find your way out.

Contrary to popular belief, snow doesn’t need to be a pain after Christmas! You can help your family enjoy the outdoors in these sometimes-boring winter months, and create some lasting memories in the process.


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