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Laura Heathcott is a twenty something marketing professional currently living and writing in Austin, Texas. She has called Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Paris home over the past 5 years, and considers herself a Texan by birth and "citizen of the world" by choice. Laura loves to hop around the city seeking out the crème de la crème of all things Austin. On any given weekend you can find her sprawled out at Townlake with a good book, skimming the racks at her favorite vintage stores, or simply enjoying great food and conversation at one of Austin's many delicious hot spots. Follow Laura's adventures for an informative and always entertaining journey through the city!

New Year’s Eve In Downtown Austin: Last Minute Tips

If your sights are set on a night of glitz and glam in downtown Austin this New Year’s Eve, this article is for you. I firmly believe that orchestrating the optimal transportation and late night food plans should be treated with the same level of care one pays to selecting the perfect pair of party pumps. Speaking of shoes, if you will be breaking in a brand new pair of stilettos in honor of Saturday night’s festivities, I strongly advise you to equip yourself with a pair of flats. Whether it’s the tiny ballet flats that you cram in your clutch, or the all too popular purse flats available just about anywhere, it will be the best back up decision you’ve ever made. Nothing puts a damper on a night out quite like a shoe induced piggy back ride.

Photo Credit: Capital Pedicab

While piggy backing is one of the safer forms of transportation, taxis offer an alternative that leaves your date looking significantly less winded upon arrival. Austin has several taxi companies, Yellow CabAustin Cab, and Lone Star Cab are three common ones. Taxis will be abundant on the streets of downtown, but so will partygoers in need of one. Coming up with a game plan in advance may cut hours off of your wait time. Another option for party hopping is the pedicab. These hard working drivers are fully licensed by the City of Austin and work for tips from customers. Capital Pedicabs is a popular downtown company that focuses on Sixth Street and the Warehouse District. With the Auditorium Shores fireworks set to paint the skies around 10pm, an outdoor ride with your sweetheart may be grounds for a pre-midnight kiss, simply based on the sheer romanticism of it all.

If you’re like me, nothing sounds more delicious than a big plate of some sort of deviant meal after a successful shindig. Sure, you can yield to the hot dog carts emitting the intoxicating aroma of really bad junk food into the air, or you take the high road and head to a local food spot. If you are already on Sixth street and have a hankering for a big, juicy hamburger, check out  Casino el Camino. With consistent “Austin’s Best” awards under its belt, and a feature on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” these burgers have earned themselves sufficient bragging rights.  If you’re in the Warehouse District when the craving strikes, fear not, for there are options… like Frank. Conveniently located at  Fourth and Colorado, Frank will be serving up gourmet hot dogs, a full bar, and numerous vegetarian options until 2 a.m.  If pizza strikes your fancy, or gluten free pizza for that matter, head over to Red River Street and visit Hoboken Pie until 2:30 a.m.

When the dust settles, bid your final adieu to 2011 and prepare to set sail into a fabulous 2012.

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