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Brittany Kuntz discovered at a young age that beauty is more than skin deep but it’s a great place to start. As a licensed esthetician, skin care educator and make up artist in Boulder, CO, Brittany has made it her goal to spread the power of positive self-image. Working with members of creative teams, she has been an artist and educator for many community outreach programs to assist those who need a hand. Whether as a writer, makeup artist or esthetician, she loves making women feel confident and beautiful.

Review Of glō· therapeutics Vital Eye Cream

The holidays are full of parties with friends, family togetherness (or drama), sugary snacks and an overall lack of sleep. The down side to all the traveling and fun times is the effect it can leave on your skin, especially your eyes! Dehydration and lack of sleep can leave your eyes looking puffy with dark circles and an obvious heaviness. To help my eyes recover from the holiday season, I tried glō· therapeuticsVital Eye Cream. Since my skin is naturally dry, this cream worked wonders! It’s great for most skin types but those of you with oily skin might not like the heaviness of the specially formulated cream.

Photo Credit: gloprofessional.com

There’s no question that glō· therapeuticsVital Eye Cream delivers hydration and protection to the eye area leaving it revitalized and refreshed. It’s rich, creamy texture glides on smoothly and lasts all night. Bursting with Vitamin E, glotherapeutics Vital Eye Cream will help replenish the skin’s strength and health by stimulating the immune system and protecting the skin from environmental damages.

Overnight, antioxidants will help fight the signs of aging by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating the tired skin. One of my favorite ingredients, azulene, causes a cooling/calming effect to the skin which helps to reduce inflammation and de-puffs the heavy dark circles that seem to creep up without substantial hours of sleep. Just make sure you keep the lid screwed on tightly when not using to ensure the cream stays clean and the vitamins stay active.

After a week of applying a small amount (using the ring finger) under and around each eye after cleansing and before going to bed at night, I was able to fake a full night’s sleep and look wide awake in all of the family photos the next day.  The term “a little bit goes a long way” truly applies to the Vital Eye Cream and I see many late nights and early mornings saved with this little package.  As the morning arrives, the eye area is revealed as smooth and bright- ready for any event the day may bring.

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