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Bad Santa Gift Exchange Saves Money and Boosts Laughs

Having a large family or loads of friends can be extremely daunting and financially crippling around Christmas time but there are plenty of ways to purchase the gifts on your loved ones lists as well as shortcuts that may save you money, time, and the dreadful feelings of not being able to get a family member a gift. Here is a game that you can play with your family and friends that leaves everyone with a gift, and lots of laughs and memories of the holidays. Bad Santa as it has been called along with other names is an exchange game that is extremely fun because everyone playing selects a wrapped gift that they may lose to another player. If they lose it they must select another gift…that may or may not be better than their initial selection.

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The Rules:

First your group needs to set a maximum value for the gifts when planning Christmas. A decent price is $10-$30.

On the day of the game each person selects a number from a basket or hat. The people selecting numbers should only be ones that contributed a gift for equal distribution. The most unfortunate number to have is “1” because their gift can be taken and “frozen” the quickest, and they have less chances of stealing a gift from someone else.

Once person number 2 selects their gift they may keep it or take person number 1’s gift. If they select number 1’s gift, number 1 gets to select again. After their turn, person number 3 goes. Once again the person can select an unopened or opened gift. Each time a gift is taken from someone they may select again.

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Some gifts are highly popular and may get stolen repeatedly, the fourth person to possess it gets to keep it. It is frozen after the fourth person and can no longer be taken.

Don’t be afraid to swipe a gift. The more swipes that occur, the more fun and competitive things can get. There are a lot of laughs that occur during this game! After the game is over its ok to trade with a player, its all fun and games and about holiday cheer.

I hope you enjoy this game with your family or friends as much as I do with mine!

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