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Molly lives in friendly Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated in 2001 with a degree in journalism and in 2005 with a masters in literature. She puts her heels on to work full-time in public relations and marketing. Then kicks them off to receive tiny kisses and hugs and wipe food off smiling faces when she gets home. If she ever actually realized her dream of walking down the red carpet she is sure there would be dirt on her dress, courtesy of her boys. Molly is also a social media enthusiast and a freelance writer . . . trying not to trip over Tonka trucks.

Two DIY Ugly Sweater Christmas Crafts

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Surely you’ve heard of or been invited to an “ugly sweater” party. If so, you probably already possess a gaudy sweater that you only wear once a year. And if you don’t, your local thrift store will have them in abundance!

Photo Credit: accidentalmommies.com

Instead of tossing it out when the party is over why not craft with them? It turns out there are some fantastic crafts you can make from this unwanted material. All you really need to do is stock up on ugly sweaters!

Photo Credit: Molly Shalz

Simple Ugly Sweater Ornaments


1. Lay the sweater flat and cut as many squares as you can get out of it.

2. Take a piece of cardboard and cut out different shapes of your choice. Some examples are a tree, star, heart, or stocking.

3. Use the cardboard cut outs to cut your sweater into the shapes.

4. Glue the sweater shapes onto the cardboard shape that matches so that the ornament will be sturdy enough to hang on your tree.

5. Use an ornament hanger to hang them on your tree

Voila! Cute (and cheap) sweater ornaments. The ugly sweater I bought cost $4 and made twelve!

Photo Credit: thelongthread.com

Wool Sweater Christmas Trees

This cute idea came from a craft website called The Long Thread where they have more photos and the original directions. You’ll need to use wool sweaters for this creative craft because of their thickness.


1. Cut one large circle and use the first to guide you as your circles will need get smaller as you move up. You can also use circle patterns if that is easier.

2. Using a piece of wire, bend it at the bottom then find the center of each circle and slide it down, largest to smallest.

3. When all the circles are on the wire, you can place a star at the top of the tree.

You’d be surprised at how different you look at ugly sweaters after trying to get crafty with them!

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